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Title: Timtron, WA1HnyLR
Post by: W1RC on June 06, 2013, 09:42:53 AM
Here are some great pics and clips of Tim Smith, aka The Timtron.  Timmy is NEAR-Fest's Director of On-site Communications and his distinctive voice is often heard on the Fairgrounds. 
My all-time favorite portrait of 'da Tron!  You don't even want to ask what he's doing.

Yes, friends, this is a SLIME-O-TRON.  Here Timtron describes how he "invented" it and what it does.

Tim is a legendary figure on AM especially on 75 meters.  He has some rather unique phonetics for his call and name: 
The Famous Phonetics - part I
The Famous Phonetics - part II

Tron's vehicles are very unique and distinctive. 

The "Little Red Pinto", aka the "Pinto Valdez", so named because it left an oil slick wherever it went.

Then there's the famous "Cadaverlac", a 1972 Cadillac hearse he found while installing a shortwave transmitter in "Throw-upton", Kentucky.  Unfortunately these days the "Cadaverlac" is off the road due to mechanical issues.  It needs work.  Hopefully one day these matters will be attended to and you may see the Cadaverlac once again at Deerfield in all its glory.

This is the famous Chevy "No-Va".  Tim inherited it from his mother in 1995.  It's a South Carolina car so ithad no rust on it when Tim got it.  It's still on the road. This picture was taken at Hosstraders at Hopkinron NH.

Another view of the "No-Va" at Boxborough MA August 2000.  Yes, that's Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, checking it out.

For many years Tim's vehicles were mechanically challenged and would not pass the Maine state safety inspection.  Tim became very adept at sticker transplant technology using what he was able to find on windshields on wrecks at Folsom's junk yard.  However one year he was unable to find one but happened to spot a piece of cardboard the exact color for that year?  The rest is history.


Here he is singing "I'm a Piss-Weak Little Mobile".

Tim's "signature" song seems to be "Piss Weak Mobile Blues".  Here he is performing it accompanied by Eliot W1MJ at the ARRL New England Convention at Boxborough Massachusetts August 2008.  This wonderful video was produced by Jeff, KA1OGM (SK).

Here's Tim's Electric Nose rendition of Happy Birthday to you performed just for Bob, W1QWT, the "Great Poopah" himself

for those with iPads/iPods/iPhones that don't play Flash files here's the direct link to it on YouTube:

Many of Tim's on-air recordings are extremely entertaining as well. Here's a short selection.

Here's Timtron's lengthy test transmission without a dummy load.

Tim recounts how he is responsible for K1MAN broadcasts on 3890.

Here's K1MAN giving Tim credit for his annoying broadcasts.

Tim and Riley, K4ZDH, at the ARRL New England Convention, Boxborough, Massachusetts, August 2000

Here's a great sound clip of Riley Hollingsworth discussing a totally obnoxious amateur in Canada.   "We Can't Regulate Stupid!"

Tim's "bug-eye" sunglasses, originally the faceshield from a jet pilot's helmet, around 1994 at Rochester Hamfest NY.  Left to right: Tim, Dave K3ZRF (SK), Gary W2INR


Timmy in 1980
Title: Radio Timtron Worldwide on WBCQ
Post by: W1RC on June 30, 2013, 03:07:29 AM
Radio Timtron Worldwide is broadcast on WBCQ The Planet on Saturday nights at 7:00 and 8:00PM on 5.110 and simulcast on 7.490.

Programs going back to 2008 are archived in the .mp3 audio format at

Additionally, THE REAL RADIO SHOW with yours truly and THE PISS AND MOAN NET archived programs can be found at the same location.

All programs may be downloaded by right clicking on the file name and saving target to your hard drive, compliments of NEAR-Fest.  No other Hamfester in the world does this for you.



Mister Mike, W1RC.
Title: The Timtron Dictionary
Post by: W1RC on June 30, 2013, 03:10:26 AM
The Timtron Dictionary    Version 1.2, July 1st, 2013

Want to understand "Tron-speak"?  As a public service, NEAR-Fest, presents a glossary of common terms that may be heard from time to time on the NEAR-Fest radio station THE PIRATE SHIP,  Radio Timtron Worldwide on WBCQ and on various frequencies on the amateur radio bands, notably 75 meter AM fone.

Amplitudius Modulationious - a species of hamateur specializing in the amplitude modulation (yayem) mode of operation.  See Yay-em.

Assholton - Houlton, Maine

B.A. - ball assembly.  See scrote.

Buzzardly - exhibiting characteristics of an old buzzard.

broadcash - broadcast.

Buffoonalo - Buffalo NY

ceramic tits - insulating devices that resemble breasts.

Cadaverlac - Timtron's 1972 Cadillac hearse he brought home from Throw-Upton Kentucky.

crapped out - failed in service, gave up the ghost, died.

crapstal - crystal.

cunt-rent - current.

de-hyellify - improve the quality of audio output.

de-hyellification - process of improving the quality of audio output.

diddly - radio interference in the form of continuous wave (Morse code) or otherwise coded transmission.

drain the log - take a piss.

ePay - eBay.

extinguished - distinguished.

FARTS - First Amendment Radio Transmitting Society.


Give birth to a state trooper - defecate.

New 2017:  give birth to Donald Trump - same as above.

hamateur - ham, amateur radio operator.

Henry nYellar - WA1HLR (Tim’s amateur radio callsign).  The 'n' is silent.

Henry nYellar Mountain - the location of Timtron's abode and antenna farm.

I'm a Piss Weak Little Mobile - a ham radio song, sung to the tune of the traditional song "I've been workin' on the railroad." The lyrics are:

I'm a piss weak little mobile,
No one can hear me.
I'm a piss weak little mobile,
I sound so yellowy.
Please, can anybody hear me,
Talking on the radio?
I'm a piss weak little mobile,
Down the road I go.

Hear Timmy perform it on 75 operating as Henry nYellar Mobile:

intrassant - interesting.

Joisey -  New Jersey.

JN - Johnny Novice.

JS - jock strap.   A temporary method of securing a device. Often becomes permanent.

Mabel - Old Buzzard Hiram's long suffering wife.

Massholechewits - Massachusetts.

Megatron - Marcie (Timtron's XYL)

microphonium - microphone.

New Hampster - New Hampshire.

Old Buzzard - older operator, not so much related to age as to state of mind. See Piss and Moan.

Old Buzzard Hiram - prototytpical old buzzard personality created by Timtron.

Old Buzzard transmission - A very e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d transmission, often punctuated by tuning up the rig on the air, incessant ramblings about matter of personal health and hygiene.

Penisylvania - Pennsylvania.

Philthadelphia - Philadelphia.

phonuim - telephone; short for telephonium.

Pigleece - the police.

Pinto Valdeez - a long retired Timtron mode of transportation.

Piss and Moan – to complain; to bitch; a mode of conversation often engaged in by Old Buzzards.

Pissburg - Pittsburgh, Penisylvania.

pissoline - originally prototyped as a battery recharging fluid agent; now used as fuel to power the cadaverlac.

piss weak - low power operation. See "I'm A Piss Weak Little Mobile."

Pus Bus - nerve center of Henry Yellar Mountain.

pussey - humid, e.g. "It's hot and pussey today." pronounced as in "pus bus."

PW - abbreviation for piss weak.

rectumfrier - rectifier, diode.

RefriginTuner - a Timtron invention that utilizes the chassis of a refrigerator to house antenna tuners.

SBE – Slop-Bucket (sideband) Eliminator.

scrote - intestinal fortitude, a derivation of scrotum.

scrotfull - Used as a round about way of saying something has balls, i.e. "That’s a scrotfull transmitter."

scrotless - antonym of scrotfull.

shit eating dogs - slopbucketeer deterrent.

Skowtown - Skowhegan, Maine.

Slopbucket - sideband mode of operation.

Slopbucketeer - radio operator using sideband mode.

Sorry-Excuse - Syracuse, New York.

Slimatron - device used in the manufacture of heavy Pissoline.  Listen to Timtron describe its discovery:

strap - denote a signal that swamps/demolishes/buries another signal.

strapping - strong radio signal.

TIT - Timtron Institute of Technology.

testicling - testing.

telephonium - telephone.

Verminmont - Vermont.

Winterfester - the annual Shortwave Listener's Festival (Winterfest) in Kulpsville, Penisylvania.

woodoline - fuel used to heat the pus bus, burned in a woodolene stove.

vomit meter - voltmeter.

vosser - water.

Yay-em - amplitude modulation (AM).

Yay-emer - AM radio operator.

yellowy - sound characteristic of piss weak operation.

zorch - to burn out, or smoke in a spectacular fashion.
Radio Timtron Worldwide is a rock and roll variety show hosted by Timtron, WA1HLR. One of the most entertaining programs on WBCQ since October 1999, Radio Timtron Worldwide combines rock music, comedy, and the occasional skit into a show always worth tuning in to.
Radio Timtron Worldwide can be heard Saturdays at 7PM and again at 8:00 PM Eastern time on WBCQ 5.110 MHz.

For additional program information see

Title: A Letter from Riley
Post by: W1RC on April 14, 2017, 06:43:01 AM

August 20, 2001

Timothy M. Smith
RFD 3 Box 3695
Skowhegan, ME 04976

Subject: Warning Notice: Amateur Radio License: WA1HLR

Dear Mr. Smith:

The Commission has reviewed monitoring information from your station on July 26 and 27, 2001 on 3.885 MHz. The transmissions from your station indicate an alarming lack of understanding of the basis and purpose of the Amateur Radio Service. The transmissions are characterized by sound effects such as belching, coughing directly into the microphone, and sound effects of other bodily functions probably best left undescribed. Furthermore, the repeated transmission of "testicle-ing" is not only juvenile but absurd as well.

 There is no place in the Amateur Radio Service for the conduct reflected in the transmissions. It degrades the Service for other users and will not be tolerated. Please review Sections 97.1 (basis and purpose of Amateur Radio), 97.101 (general standards) and 97.113 (prohibited transmissions) of the rules.

 Section 308(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, gives the Commission the authority to obtain information from a licensee regarding the operation of his station. Accordingly, you are requested to respond to this letter within 20 days of its date. Please be advised that if this type of operation is not corrected, we will take enforcement action against your license, ranging from proceedings to restrict your operation to non-voice modes to designation of your renewal application for an administrative hearing to determine whether it should be granted.

 Tape recordings of the transmissions described above are available should you need to review them. Finally, you may also wish to review Section 95 of our rules, which sets forth other, less regulated, radio services available to you.


W. Riley Hollingsworth
Special Counsel, Amateur Radio
Title: Another Letter from Riley
Post by: W1RC on April 14, 2017, 06:46:03 AM

April 12, 2000

Timothy M. Smith
RFD 3 Box 3695
Skowhegan, ME 04976

Subject: Warning Notice: Amateur Radio License: WA1HLR

Dear Mr. Smith:

The Commission has evidence that you have been deliberately and maliciously interfering with the radio operations of other licensed Amateurs on the 75 and 40 Meter Amateur bands. Such interference apparently occurs at various times and includes broadcasting, making unidentified transmissions and sound effects.

The Commission generally relies upon the Amateur Radio Service to be self-policing. Operation of the type described above is contrary to the basis and purpose of Amateur Radio and degrades the service for legitimate users. This serves as a Warning Notice that such operation will not be tolerated. Additional incidents of operation of the type described above will result in a monetary fine being levied against you and in revocation proceedings before an Administrative Law Judge.

Additionally, you are requested to call me at 717-338-2502 within ten days from the above date to discuss this matter.


W. Riley Hollingsworth
Special Counsel, Amateur Radio
Title: Tim Shows ‘em How At League Headquarters
Post by: W1RC on March 10, 2018, 10:29:31 PM
The trailer:

The full video......

As for who produced it, my understanding is that the North Korean Ministry Of Propoganda made it during some spare time.



Trailer: (down)