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Title: Russian Dashboard Camera Videos
Post by: W1RC on December 29, 2013, 07:45:30 AM
Ya gotta see this stuff.

In Russia most drivers install windshield-mounted video cameras in their cars.  It's not for entertainment as we here in the West might think.  It is to cover their asses with the cops and their insurance companies in case of an accident and sometimes to save them from an ass kicking in case they get into one.  Road rage is very big in Russia and when they get pissed the fists start flying.  It doesn't take much.

Regardless of the original intent some of these videos have become highly popular around the world as a bizarre entertainment form after they are released online.

Here's probably the best one:
Poor bastards probably never knew what hit them. 

Read this article on Russian dash cams:

The Russia Dashcam "Supercut"

Here's another great dash cam video compilation:

Heavy stuff!  Want more?  Search YOUTUBE and GOOGLE for "Russia Dash Cam". You'll find plenty.