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Title: Area Repeaters
Post by: W1RC on April 15, 2014, 10:09:45 AM
2 Metre VHF:
146.700 MHz   -    NH   Northwood   K1JEK      88.5   88.5      
Rockingham County  ECHOLINK 232623      
"Official" NEAR-Fest talk-in repeater.

147.000 MHz   -    NH   Deerfield          W1SRA      100.0. 100.0        
Rockingham County           
Mount Saddleback Repeater Association.

443.850 MHz   +    NH   Epsom           W1ASS   P25/                           
Merrimack    County                          FM   NAC353/   88.5      
Extreme wide area coverage machine.  However be advised that it is privately owned, so be respectful and do not monopolize.


DMR - K1OX, Chester NH 145.190 - CC 9

DMR - K1OX, Bow, NH 145.170 - CC 8

DMR - W1RCF, Mount Uncanoonuk, Goffstown NH 145.220 - CC 11

DMR - KM3T, Mount Uncanoonuk Goffstown NH (UHF) 444.300 + CC10

Use the NH Statewide or Region North TGs.

Also there are a number of other digital mode repeaters in the area.

NN1PA Fusion / Analog, Goffstown, NH 444.200 + PL Tone - 186.2
NN1PA NXDN / Analog, Goffstown, NH  443.400 + PL - PL - 186.2 for Analog Only
Digital and Analog Capable
NN1PA NXDN /Analog, Goffstown, NH RX  449.9375 -   PL - 186.2 for Analog Only
Digital and Analog Capable
NN1PA - DMR, Goffstown, NH 145.200 -600 CC2 EWARN
CC 2
NE1DV - D-STAR, Goffstown NH, 446.575 -

Want more repeaters?  The are plennnnnnty.  This comprehensive listing comes courtesy of The New England Repeater Directory folks who work hard and diligently to provide the most accurate, up-to-date list of repeaters in the six New England states you are ever going to find.  These links are sorted by state and city so you will have to scroll down to see the NH listings.

Have fun and play nice.  Always remember, you are a guest.  Do not monopolize repeaters.


MrMike, W1RC