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Title: Photos From Another Time.....
Post by: W1RC on March 14, 2015, 01:02:51 PM
My old friend Kirk, W0KGB sent me these two photos that were taken at the Rochester NY hamfest sometime in the mid to late 1980s.

From left to right:  Scott McClellan, N8VAD (SK), Steve, KA2JBA, Gregg N1EDQ (now W1USA) and Michael, KH6KD/1 (now W1RC,).

From left to right:  N1EDQ (now W1USA), KH6KD/1 (now W1RC), Kirk, W0KGB, KA2JBA and N8VAD (SK)

It saddens me to look at these photos because Scott, N8VAD, became a silent key in 2006 way too soon.  He was only 43.

His great contribution to the hobby is largely unknown because he wanted it that way but because of that so few know who he was and what he did.  RIP Scott.

Thanks Kirk for sharing these great old photos with us......


MrMike, W1RC