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Title: Warren Elly, W1GUD/4 SK
Post by: W1RC on April 06, 2015, 11:48:24 PM
Our dear friend and NEAR-Fest Director of Media and Public Relations Warren passed away peacefully this morning, April 6th, 2015, at around 10:30 in his home in Tampa Florida-duh.  His loving and devoted wife Lona and two of their three sons were with him when he left us.  All of the NEAR-Fest gang is devastated with his loss and is sending our sincerest condolences to Lona and their sons.

As Benevolent Dictator I have decreed that NEAR-Fest XVII and XVIII are being dedicated to Warren.  We will all be wearing buttons with his picture as an memorial and hope for him to be with us in spirit.


This is a publicity photo from Channel 13 where Warren was an ace newsman for thirty years.


I took this photo of Warren in October 2011.  It's my favorite photo from the hamfest he loved so much.

Here are just a few links to other remembrances of Warren Elly.  Here's one from WTVT Channel 13.  Be sure to watch the video of the story aired Monday April 6th.


More Tampa Bay area media remembrances:

On Friday, April 10th Timtron did a memorial show on WBCQ The Planet dedicated to Warren.

Amateur Radio Newsline's bio of Warren:

This is Warren's facebook page.  An outpouring of tributes to this wonderful man:

Warren kept an online diary called THE WAY FORWARD NOW that details his incredible fight and is both uplifting and inspiring to read.

It's well worth a read.

As Ed, N1IWV expressed it so well:  "You didn't just QSY'd!"  Please feel free to post your remembrance and tribute to Warren below.

You put up a terrific fight and never gave up.  You just made a choice.  May you forever rest in peace, our beloved friend.  We will never forget you.  You were a GUD friend.......


MrMike, W1RC
Title: Re: Warren Elly, W1GUD/4 SK
Post by: n1iwv on April 07, 2015, 10:21:13 PM
The world is a better place because you passed through.
73s my friend
You didn't die, you just QSY'd
73s de Ed / N1IWV
Title: Re: Warren Elly, W1GUD/4 SK
Post by: k1oik on April 08, 2015, 01:18:42 AM
The video Fox did is excellent
Title: Re: Warren Elly, W1GUD/4 SK
Post by: N1FOJ on April 08, 2015, 11:58:55 PM
This was a Man who, Even while fighting his own Battle with Cancer, Took the time to send me e-mails encouraging me to keep fighting my own Battle with the Big C ! When things looked Darkest , Warren kept Me Going ! Man , I'm going to be missing him Bad ! When I QSY out , I hope to see him Again ! We should all aspire to be so Good ! Warren there's a Hole in my Heart ! 73 old friend , John
Title: Re: Warren Elly, W1GUD/4 SK
Post by: AA1SU on April 24, 2015, 03:05:04 PM
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend Warren W1GUD. You and the rest of the great crew at Near-Fest have my condolences.
Title: Re: Warren Elly, W1GUD/4 SK
Post by: W1RC on May 06, 2015, 11:50:52 AM
Youíre in a better place, Warren, with no pain and suffering, in ham radio heaven where all the DX is rare, there are no contests, no QRM, all slop buckets are -20 dB and all the QSOs are 5-9. It was a privilege and honor to know you all these years and call you my friend

The whole NEAR-Fest Gang is heartbroken, W1GUD/4ís key is silent. The two 2015 Fests are devoted to you. We all will be wearing our W1GUD/4 buttons with that wonderful photo of you. We know your presence will be felt and that you will still be with us forever in spirit.