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Title: K1bbv estate sale
Post by: ab1gf on April 23, 2015, 09:04:49 PM
Station A
Hallicrafters Hurricane SR-2000  P-2000 WM-20 vfo and TO-1 keyer $2500 excellent  condition

Station B
Hallicrafters Hurricane  SR-2000 P-2000 WM-20 vfo $1500   very good  condition

 4 pairs   8122 tubes

Station C
 Kenwood TS-940s  SP-940 Tl-922a  IF232c MC60A  loaded  $ 2500  excellent condition
Also available  is

 1 Tri-Ex LM354-HD crank up tower with raising fixture and work platform. excellent  condition
Pictures available. Buyer transports it I will lay it down on flatbed.
We will be located  across from Polish Kitchen