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Title: NEAR-Fest II: The Countdown Has Begun!!!!!
Post by: W1RC on July 12, 2007, 06:40:11 AM
Good Morning NEAR-Festers!!!

The countdown to NEAR-Fest II Has Begun!

There are three months until we open the gates at 0900 on October 12th.  There is a great deal to do.

We recently met with our Fair Committee contact to work out the details for NEAR-Fest II and plan III and IV for 2008.  We were pleasantly informed that the Fair Committee is happy to welcome NEAR-Fest back to Deerfield.  They were very satisfied with the way in which we conducted ourselves and there were "no issues".  We pledged to maintain that standard we set at NEAR-Fest I and we fully intend to keep that promise.

Tickets and passes will go on sale in August. 

We will be adding additional restroom facilities, more food vendors, as well as a very nice building for the VE Session and the Friday night "Jam Session".. 

In addition we will be offering some more activities such as  a technical symposium or two and even a "hands-on" workshop.  Keep checking this page for details.

Our paid attendance at NEAR-Fest I was "just over 2,000".  Our treasurer will have the financials ready soon and, as promised, we will post them here.

I would love to see us hit 3,000 paid attendees in October and I think we can do it.  You can help by talking it up on the air and online.  We will then be in a position to start looking at establishing a scholarship or two as well as entertaining other radio-related benevolent enterprises or projects.

Looking forward to working with you all to make that goal happen.


MisterMike, W1RC