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Title: Very Cool Graphic for Ancient History Buffs.....
Post by: W1RC on February 13, 2018, 01:27:35 AM
Do you remember any of your high school ancient history or perhaps Latin classes?

Sasha Trubetskoy, an undergrad at the University of Chicago, has created a "subway-style diagram of the major Roman roads, based on the Holy Roman Empire, circa 125 AD."

Drawing on Stanford?s ORBIS model, The Pelagios Project, and the Antonine Itinerary, Trubetskoy's map combines well-known historic roads, like the Via Appia, with lesser-known ones (in somes cases given imagined names). If you want to get a sense of scale, it would take, Trubetskoy tells us, "two months to walk on foot from Rome to Byzantium. If you had a horse, it would only take you a month."

Very creative indeed!