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Title: Toyota Prius Gen 2 Resource Page
Post by: W1RC on September 11, 2022, 03:00:46 AM
This resource page is for the popular Toyota Prius Hybrid automobile, specifically the Second Generation, abbreviated Gen2, that were were made between 2003 and 2009.  These Prius automobiles are considered by some enthusiasts to be the ?best? of the entire Prius auto production. 
     The number one source for information on all Prius generations is
     In the late winter 2022 gasoline prices peaked at $5.39 a gallon here in the Boston area.  It was even higher in other parts of the country.  It was costing me over $65.00 to fill the tank on my Ford Crown Victoria. My friend Bill, NE1B, who is an electrical engineer has driven a Toyota Prius for over fifteen years and was my primary source of information. In August 2022 I acquired a nice Red 2007 Prius and in September I was fortunate to find a 2007 Red Prius Touring Edition which is a rare variant.  There is a great deal of information available online that helped me familiarize myself with these vehicles and I am happy to share the information and resources I have found here.
Title: Re: Toyota Prius Gen 2 Basic Information Page
Post by: W1RC on September 11, 2022, 03:04:12 AM
First-gen. Toyota Prius (2000-2003)
Second-gen. Toyota Prius (2003-2009)
Third-gen. Toyota Prius (2010-2015)
Toyota Prius Prime (2012-Present)
Fourth-gen. Toyota Prius (2016-Present)

 Prius manuals

Toyota Customer service     800-331-4331  8  5 Web site: 

Options and Packages

Standard and Optional Equipment

Title: Toyota Prius Touring Edition
Post by: W1RC on September 11, 2022, 03:44:16 AM
The Toyota Prius Touring Edition is a very rare variant.  It offers a tuned suspension system that gives the car better handling characteristics, larger wheels and wheel covers, HID headlamps, foglights as well as a slightly different spoiler on the rear deck.  There are no badges or other markings on a Touring Edition Prius which makes identification difficult. It is interesting because I have seen many cars offered for sale as a Touring Edition vehicle when they were, in fact, a base model that had been unscrupulously modified to look like one,
     The purpose of this page is to dispel the bullshit and lies regarding this variant so that the reader can identify this rare and desirable varient so they don?t get ripped off if they want to buy one.
     First of all the touring models were only made for three model years, 2007, 2008 and 2009.  They have 16 inch wheels (base models have 15 inch wheels).  The suspension is different but it is very difficult to discern this if you don?t know what to look for.  The spoiler on the rear hatchback deck is noticeably different but again, the difference is subtle and hard to identify as a Touring Edition car.
     Some unscrupulous sellers actually install 16 inch wheels on a base model with lots if options in an attempt to deceive buyers. A genuine Touring Edition Prius is subject to the same option packages scam as other models so having the highest level package does not mean anything.  Since there is no special badging or otherwise visual identification of a Touring Edition how can you tell?  Well, my friends, here is what you need to know.

1. The vehicle must be registered as a 2007, 2008 or 2009 year model.
2, Sometimes dealers will swap the wheels but if you look in the driver door jam there is a sticker that has the original tire size and recommended air pressure. If it shows 185/65 R15, it is not a touring model. In order to be a Touring Edition model the sticker must the show tire size as P195/55 R16.  The 16 inch wheel covers have seven points and their part number is 42602-47040.  The stock 15 inch covers have only six points.
3. Look under the car from the rear. On either side you will see where the struts attach to the rear suspension beam. Just above the attachment point if they are original equupment there are two painted stripes on the strut tube.
The Touring Edition Prius has a pink stripe and a red stripe.  The coil spring may have some blue paint dots on the coils.  The Prius Base model has a blue stripe and a red stripe on the shocks.
4, Call Toyota Customer service at 800-331-4331  8  5. Give them the VIN; they should be able to tell you if it is indeed a Touring Edition Prius or not.

For  further information read this article: