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Title: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: Bri on September 14, 2007, 03:15:26 AM
Hey all you budding musicians,

I'd like to get an idea of who's coming, what instrument you might be bringing, what equipment is available to use,

It's in the Entertainment Building.  Here is where it is located (just behind Pat's Apple Crisp).


And Hell Yeah; What songs do you want to play/sing???

A possibillity would be to  have lyrics and chords  to a bunch of songs (you provide and I make into a usable presentation) that coud be shown on a video projector for all dyslexic, guitarists to see!!

I'm not implying that all music played  should  require rigid structure (I love it when people go on a leap of faith and "pull it out")
I'd just like to avoid the....... "what do you wanna play? .... ohhh,,,,,, what key?? I don't know it in that key. Crap...No one knows the lyrics....

Anyway, (I'm probably asking for trouble) but if you want to email me lyrics and chords to your favorite Hosstraders/Near-fest songs I'll make 'em nice and big to display on either a vid projector or print the suckers out for all to see.

If you have other thoughts on how to do this let me/us know.
Do we want to have an acoustic set then a rock set followed by an ambient music, reggae,blues,pop,jazz,beat, primordial waste set??????

Here's my email:

The discussion is now open.


Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: W1RC on September 14, 2007, 02:08:52 PM

Thanks for stepping forward and trying to get some semblance of organization to the Deerfield Jam Session.  You may find it akin to herding cats is what it is!!!!

Here you go, guys, let's make the first inside Jam Session really big and make those rafters ring.  We have a really neat inside Rec Hall available for the Friday Night Jam Session so let's put it to good use.

Steve, W1ES, says he's coming up from NC and would like to know if anyone could lend him a guitar.  I guess it's too much of a hassle bringing it along on the plane.


Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: Bri on September 17, 2007, 12:14:04 AM
Ok Near-Festers,
Mike has asked me to be the NEAR-Fest Jam Session Coordinator.

I'll try my best to make it a great  enjoyable jam; But I'm gonna need input from the players.
If no one comes forward to make suggestions on how to run this I don't want to hear any belly aching that it didn't go your way.

I would like to leave it as loose as possible but have some structure.
I'm thinking that if people email me a song list of what they can play/sing we can  do a sign up sheet to play on that persons song request.

Example: John  says he can play on bass Mustang Sally
Bob, Mike and Ray sign up to play guitar
Joan signs up to sing
If a drummer doesn't join I'll do percussion.

The sign up list avoids the "i dunno, what do you wanna play" syndrome.
If no one else signs on, that person is still welcome to play their song solo if they wish, but they're  not obligated to.

That's just one way of doing it. Lets hear some others!
Do we want to have a folk set, then a blues set, followed by a classic R&B set then segue into metal madness? If you leave it up to me that's what you might get.

I understand there will be a P.A.  but I'd like to know what components.
How many Mic stands, cables are available? Are there vocal monitors? Do we need to bring our own mics? Is there a mixer and will someone be mixing?
Would someone like to take on the task of being the engineer?

Instrument players should bring their own instruments and some kind of amp unless they've made arrangements to borrow from another player.
I would refrain from bringing that huge Marshal stack. A small to med size practice amp should be fine; Especially if it can be fed to a mixing board. Bring your effect pedals if you want.

A drummer and drum set are in need.
So are keyboard, horn, percussion, harp players.

I see 61 people have read the first post. Only Mike has responded.
Time to pony up and be heard.

Email me those Tabs, lyrics, chord charts for those songs you wanna do and I'll get on it right away. I'll make a cutoff  date of Sat. Oct 6th for sending in your charts to make into a presentation to be shown via video projector. This way we all get to see the lyrics and chords while we play. This will help the challenged players like myself!!

There will be no cutoff date for the song list sign up sheet. You just run the risk of no one signing up to help on your songs.

Thanks for you time,

Brian Shaban

P.S. just to get the signup list going here are some of the tunes I can play.
I'm not suggesting we play all or any of these. It's just a list.

legend: V= vocal , G= guitar  B= Bass, P= Percussion B/V= backup vocal

Johnny B. Goode  C. Berry (key of A)  (G B/V)
Fortunate Son  CCR (V&G)
Nancy Sinatra  Bottle Rockets  (V&G)
Locomotive breath  Jethro Tull (V&G)
10am automatic  Black Keys (V&G)
Grown so Ugly  Black Keys  (V&G)
Suzie Q  CCR (V&G)
Jailbreak  Thin lizzy   (B/V& G)
My guitar gently weeps Beatles (V&G)
No Reply Beatles (V&G)
Melissa Allman Bros  (V&G)
Brown Sugar Rolling Stones (open G)  (V&G)
Live with me Rolling Stones  (V&G)
Honky tonk woman Rolling Stones  (V&G)
White room Cream  (G)
Oh Pretty Woman Roy Orbison (G&V)
Saving Grace - Tom Petty (V&G)
Starman David Bowie
Bad case of lovin you Robert Palmer  (V&G)
Running down a dream Tom Petty  (G)
Knockin on heavens door  Dylan  (V&G)
Wild Nights Van Morrison (V&G)
Louie Louis The Kingsmen  (G BG)
The Weight  The Band (V&G)
Livin lovin Maid Led Zepplin  (G)
Roxanne  Police (G B/V)
1979 Smashing pumpkins (G)
Babylon David Grey (V&G)
Bad reputation (V&G)
I want you (she's so heavy) Beatles  (V&G)
Sweet Jane Lou Reed  (G B/V)
Yes it is Beatles (V&G)
Badge Cream (G B/V)
Joey Concrete Blonde (G B/V)
Mustang Sally  (V&G)
From the beginning ELP  (G)
Try a little tenderness Otis Reading  (G)
Tell her no Zombies (G)
Keep on rockin in the free world Neil Young (G B/V)
Blood and Roses Smithereens  (G)
Come to Poppa Bob Seger  (V&G)
Her Strut Bob Seger (V&G)
Breakdown Tom Petty (V&G)
Like a Stone Audioslave (G)
The Pusher Stepenwolfe  (V&G)
Psycho Elvis Costelly (V)
Jesus Etc. Wilco (V&G)
Come Together Beatles (G & V)

Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: w1es on September 18, 2007, 12:36:08 PM
Will be on-board with my cheat book in tow.

I'll play what the moment feels like -- you never know where these things are going and that's much of the fun.

Of course, we will need the Tron with his electric nose guitar...  :D
Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: N1BAC on September 20, 2007, 01:08:38 PM
Looks like I will need to learn a few more chords on my mandolin and bring it along  :)

Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: NE1S on September 20, 2007, 02:47:04 PM

I can bring my electric bass along and sit in on most any R&B, rock close to R&B, or soul stuff. I won't be bringing a bass amp, though, so are we covered there?

I can also bring along my Epiphone Les Paul clone for Steve to use if he likes. For an off-shore knock-off it plays and sounds pretty good.

You don't want me doing any vocals  :P

Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: W1VFB on September 21, 2007, 01:13:54 AM
Hopefully I'll be heading up on Friday.  If there is a keyboard around, I can play most anything if you give me a few minutes to jot down the chords.  From there I can cover most songs.  50's, 60's and 70's. Blues, R&B, rock, standards, etc.  Some vocals but it's been a while.  I'll bring my cheat book also. :D
Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: k1kfi on September 22, 2007, 01:41:29 AM
You probably don't need another guitar player, but, I had fun playing at the last one...see you there!
Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: KB1NBN on September 23, 2007, 06:31:23 PM
Anyone Need a Bassoonist???


Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: w1es on September 25, 2007, 04:20:57 PM
It could be interesting with a bassoon playing "Hotel California"  :D
Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: Todd, KA1KAQ on September 25, 2007, 04:42:13 PM
You don't want me doing any vocals  :P

Ha, you and me The remnants of my drum kit are stored over the garage, doubt I could do much with it without some major work. The old Zildjians still have a nice ring last time I checked.

But if anyone else brings a set along, I'd be willing to pound the skins a bit. Just not sure if the body can keep up with the mind. ;)
Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: N1NTT on September 27, 2007, 02:42:46 PM
I'll be coming, with bass guitar.  I can sing and play bass, but I don't know the lyrics to very many songs. I may be bringing  at least crappy amp

Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: Bri on October 04, 2007, 02:19:34 AM
Ok "Festers",
No one's sent any chords or lyrics so we'll resort to the "wing it method"
Which was the way it has always been. I'm sure we'll do just fine.

I thought there might be a resident P.A. we could use, but it doesn't look good.
So, if folks have room I'd like to request a few items.
Maybe some Near-Festers  have some musical stuff they would like to let the musicians demo (not demolition) that could be sold after the jam!

Anyway, here's what we could use:
A  keyboard amp (like a Roland KC-100) or some combination of amp/speakers  for vocals and bass.
A vocal mic or two with  stands and cables.
Drums or some other kind of percussion.
I'll be bringing a  guitar amp, some kind of vocal processor , power strip, and a Shure stereo mixer as well as my guitar.

If you let me know what you can bring and I'll keep a list so we don't get 68 mics, 42 amps and no  speakers or cables!!


Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: Bri on October 11, 2007, 02:31:27 PM
Ahhh Fester musicians.......
Here's the list of what equipment people are bringing for the jam.

Well, there you have it!!

I'll be bringing a mic, mic stand, cable, a keyboard amp (4 input) a small guitar amp and my guitar.
The rest is up to fate.
See you tomorrow night!!

Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: W1RC on October 16, 2007, 02:56:19 AM
That's about normal, Bri.  It will take time to grow this feature but I assure you it will grow.


Title: Re: The Near-Fest Jam
Post by: K1WIZ on November 13, 2007, 07:54:53 PM

On behalf of the Pirate Ship Radio crew, if there is any way you can run an audio feed to our board at our broadcasting booth, we'll put you on the air during the Jam.  We have a very strong signal and cover quite a bit of ground well beyond the fairgrounds.  For NearFest 3, we will be operating on 95.1FM

Please get my contact info from Mike and drop me a line to work out any details if you're interested.  I do think it would be a lot of fun to carry it.

All we'd need is one XLR balanced feed from your board to ours (or even a wireless link if that's a possibility).