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Title: Unofficial (and Misleading) Web and E-Mail Reflector Postings
Post by: W1RC on October 17, 2010, 12:47:27 PM
Some of you received this message (or one similar to it) that was originated by Mickie, W1MKY:

-----Original Message-----
From: Dale & Mickie Clement
Sent: Thu, Oct 14, 2010 2:27 pm

Because of the impending Nor'easter, The Deerfield Fair Board of Directors, Deerfield, N.H., has approved moving the New England Amateur Radio Festival, indoors, into the many large Commercial Buildings. The Ham Radio Flea Market starts tomorrow at 9 AM, and ends on Sat., at 2 PM.

Please, send this message out on the various reflectors so everyone who plans to attend will know they can sell, swap, and trade, indoors. -Bring a wagon and big plastic bags to cover your purchases. Also bring a stool to sit on, for listening to the talks, and of course, bring heavy duty
rain gear. Google NEARFEST for directions.

Please note that the message did NOT originate from Dale AF1T but with his wife Mickie, W1MKY with whom he shares his e-mail account.

W1MKH visited our "Command Center" trailer on Friday morning and just about demanded we open all the buildings.  We essentially told her "no".  We didn't know about her postings at that time but found out later that some people actually went over to the Fair office and asked them when the buildings were going to be opened. 

This was not a good thing to do and all it did was create additional work for me and my staff at a time when we really didn't need any more to do. 

Mickie is a sweet, kind person without a malicious bone in her body and I am convinced that she was driven by good intentions and was just trying to help.  This notwithstanding, her attempts to be helpful were severely misguided to say the least and she was so informed in no uncertain terms by myself and her club's president.  It is my understanding that her posting privileges on the club's Web site (where this all originated) have been curtailed indefinitely, which is probably a good thing.

For future reference - all our official annoumcements are posted on our own Web site which is

Any information obtained elsewhere is at your own risk and if you receive such messages DO NOT PROPAGATE THEM.  Additionally, under no circumstances should anyone ever contact the Fair Association office or staff for information regarding this hamfest.  They have been asked to refer any inquiries to this Web site for answers.



Title: Re: Unofficial (and Misleading) Web and E-Mail Reflector Postings
Post by: W1RC on October 19, 2010, 10:22:32 AM
I received the following message from Mickey, W1MKH in which she offers an apology for posting and disseminating inaccurate and misleading information regarding NEAR-Fest VIII:

Dear Mr., Mike, NEARFEST Committee, Deerfield Fair Committee, and Fellow Attendees of the October 15, 16, New England Amateur Radio Festival,

 I thought that the approval of the Deerfield Fair Board of Directors  for NEARFEST to move indoors for "Safety Reasons" was a very good reason to invite Hams to attend in spite of an impending Nor'easter..  It is entirely my fault that so many came expecting to be allowed to purchase an indoor table.  We were all cold, wet and shivering, and it is my fault.

  On Friday morning Mr. Mike said, "The Maintenance Supervisor had keys to the buildings and it is at his discretion to open them if he feels a life threatening wind is coming.  And, besides, this is blowing over."

 Mr. Mike was totally correct.  The storm blew over and, when I arrived on Saturday, all of the attendees were happily selling from their tables, out in the sunshine.

 I apologize for causing myself, my radio club, and all of you so much discomfort.  Please, forgive me.  I wanted this to be the best NEARFEST in spite of the weather.  On Saturday, it was.


 Mickie, W1MKY

You are correct in saying that it was "the best NEAR-Fest ever".  This only goes to prove that a bit of wet weather doesn't dampen our enthusiasm.  After all, this is New England!

On behalf of our management team I accept your apology.  Please don't do it again.  Just come and enjoy yourselves and leave running NEAR-Fest to us which includes sending out advisory messages as required. 

Remember, if messages of this nature don't originate from THIS site they are not official.


MisterMike, W1RC