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Title: NEAR-Fest XI Advance Tickets & Parking Passes NOW AVAILABLE!!!
Post by: W1RC on March 31, 2012, 07:22:14 AM

FLASH!  Advance tickets are NOW available at the Ham Radio Outlet store in Salem NH!   They are no longer available by mail.

The Advance Entry tickets are now available for sale.  You may mail your requests and checks starting immediately but PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ANY REQUESTS AFTER WEDNESDAY APRIL 25th 2012.  Any requests postmarked after that date will be ignored/shredded.  We cannot guarantee reliable delivery after that date.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

To obtain complete information on how to buy tickets and passes by mail and at area hamfests and flea markets please read this announcement: 

*NEW* Camping and Overnight information. If you are planning on camping or tenting you are well advised to read this posting. There are some changes 

Please note that at this time camping/tenting tickets are not available for advance sale.  You may purchase same when you arrive.