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NEAR-Fest XXXV April 25 and 26, 2024 / Re: Ham Jam Spring 2024
« Last post by Whoz Your Daddy on April 26, 2024, 03:55:47 PM »
Hi everyone!
Wow, Awesome Nearfest! Felt a bit strange doing the Jam on a Thursday night, but we still pulled it off...
I hope everyone had a great weekend! Thank you all for helping to bring together the Jam and making the Nearfest such a good time!
What a great room to have the Jam too! We are all so appreciative! Very easy to get equipment in & out. Clean & warm.
Special thanks Phil, Kelly & the Team!,  the audience, All that played & sang, and those that helped out!

I?m looking forward to the fall Nearfest! Have a great summer!

NEAR-Fest XXXV April 25 and 26, 2024 / Re: Ham Jam Spring 2024
« Last post by AA2OZ on April 24, 2024, 12:48:00 AM »
Awesome Bill,
Johnny from Albany NY here. I am also hobbling around with a back injury. I am looking around for a relatively light but rockin guitar and amp combo to bring. Yes, again my equipment quality will exceed my playing ability, but I want to hang with everybody once more.
I probably won't set up a table this time to save my back, but if anyone wants to borrow anything please let me know.

Thanks to you, Rick, Mr. Mike, and all the others who keep this thing going.

Logistics question - have we determined which building we will be in? Both are great, but I really don't want to drag heavy stuff further than necessary.

John   AC2XN   formally AA2OZ
NEAR-Fest XXXV April 25 and 26, 2024 / Re: Ham Jam Spring 2024
« Last post by n1iro on April 23, 2024, 06:07:13 PM »
Vermont Bill here....
I will be bringing the electronic drum set.  Ollie fixed the truck so we can go.  I am a little slower than normal, recovering from surgery, so guest drummers are a requirement.
NEAR-Fest XXXV April 25 and 26, 2024 / Re: Ham Jam Spring 2024
« Last post by AA2OZ on April 11, 2024, 09:56:48 PM »
What a significant month. We had an earthquake, an eclipse, and the ham jam occuring on a Thursday. The first 2 were no big deal, but the third one it truly a once in a lifetime event and should not be missed by anyone. I am surprised that the major news networks did not pick up on this. I am in.
Who else?
NEAR-Fest XXXV April 25 and 26, 2024 / Ham Jam Spring 2024
« Last post by Whoz Your Daddy on April 06, 2024, 06:34:04 PM »
Hi everyone! Who'z in for the Ham-Jam?
NEAR-Fest XXXV  Thursday-Friday April 25 & 26, 2024
The Jam will be Thursday April 25
Roughly 8:00pm!  All are welcome to play! Or just come listen!
I have the PA Covered!
Bill M. has the electronic drum kit!
Bring your Instuments and Small Amp & Any Tabs and/or Lyrics
T.B.A. I'm still unsure of the build we will be using. But we will be indoors, either the building we have been using or the one we used prior.
If you have any questions please post them. Or if you rather contact me directly e-mail at

Thank You! 73's
Rick Allen
NEAR-Fest admission rickets, inside parking passes and, for the first time, camping passes will be available at HRO Salem NH and Ross Hochstrasser?s clock workshop in Whitman Mass by the end of the week of April 1st.
The delay is due to a problem with the printer.  In an attempt to support the local economy where he lives Phil wanted to support a local business.  Although a noble idea it didn?t work out so he decided to go back to the original printer who has been our supplier since 2007.  Be assured that the tickets and passes are now in hand.  All online orders are in the mail and the two point of purchase sellers will have them this week.
NEAR-Fest apologizes for any inconvenience.
See you all in a few weeks.
Mister Mike's "Mishigoss" Board / K9EID SK
« Last post by n1iwv on March 01, 2024, 05:10:16 PM »
Bob Heil SK R.I.P.
Dear Friends of NEAR-Fest!

*** Please note this is an updated announcement. ***
*** Please disregard any other notices you may have read. ***

Our Spring 2024 hamfest, NEAR-Fest XXXV, will be held FOR TWO FULL DAYS, on:
*** Thursday April 25th *** and
*** Friday April 26th ***

There will be no hamfest activity on Saturday due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict with the Deerfield Fairgrounds.   We had originally announced that the event would take place only on Friday but due to popular demand and the cooperation of the Deerfield Fair Association we are pleased to announce this new full two-day schedule.

<Comment about the Fall event removed due to changes and for search engine accuracy>

Everyone over 21 will need an admission ticket except unlicensed spouses, active duty military, full-time students (with ID) and other valid pass holders.

The gates will open on Thursday morning, at 7:00 AM for PREPAID TICKET HOLDERS ONLY so you might want to buy your tickets online well in advance starting February 1st 2024 on our Web site,, or in March at the Ham Radio Outlet store in Salem NH and at Ross Hochstrasser's Clock Shop in Whitman MA and get your favorite spot.   NEAR-Fest XXXV will end at 3:00 PM on Friday.

Prepaid ticket holders will line up and enter via Gate C as we did in the Fall. They MUST have ALL of their needed tickets and inside parking passes or they will be sent to Gate F.  This includes all Campers, RVs, tenters, who MUST also have their overnight camping passes as there will be NO tickets or passes sold at Gate C.   Anyone needing to buy tickets or parking passes will go to Gate F and will be admitted starting at 8:00AM.   Once the line has entered at Gate C it will close and all others entering the grounds will proceed to Gate F.
Please note that starting with this event all vehicles that remain in the Fairgrounds overnight (after 9:00 PM) will require an overnight parking pass in addition to an inside parking pass for Friday.  The cost of the pass for  RVs, Campers, Motorhomes, etc, is $30.00.  Overnight parking and tent passes are $15.00 regardless of whether you plug into an electric outlet or not.

For this event only: Admission per person is $10.00 whether you buy your ticket online or in advance or at the gate. In October admission prices will revert to $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the gate.
If you buy something big and heavy in the flea market one of our volunteer staff members will be glad to transport it and you to your vehicle at no charge as we have been doing for many years. 

As always inside parking for disabled persons is free of charge and they may use a single person 'mobility device' as well.  Since NEAR-Fest is a WALKING EVENT we reserves the right to limit the use of golf carts and 'other power-driven mobility devices' due to safety concerns.

Please visit our Web site,, or our Facebook page,  NearFest NH for any further updates.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this modified version of NEAR-Fest may have caused but it is only for this time.  We appreciate your indulgence and understanding.

See you at Deerfield!
MisterMike, W1RC

PS:  We have some really good door prizes this time, like two Yaesu FT-891 mobile HF transceivers, one on Thursday and one on Friday.  Stay tuned here for more details.
NEAR-Fest XXXV April 25 and 26, 2024 / Great Web Site Loaded with Ham Radio Tutoriala
« Last post by W1RC on December 30, 2023, 10:06:14 AM »
Lots of great video tutorials here it?s great for staters
Technical Stuff / Motorola MotoTRBO XPR7550 Tips and Tricks
« Last post by W1RC on November 25, 2023, 11:26:40 AM »
How To Program an XPR5550 Using Bluetooth.
On the 5550:
    1    Turn on Bluetooth
    2    Select FIND ME

On the Windows PC:
    1    Bluetooth symbol
2    Click the Bluetooth symbol on the menu bar at the bottom right of the PC.
    3    Select ADD A DEVICE from the pull down.
    4    Wait a few seconds, and when the 5550 shows up as a device (it will have the name you gave it in the CPS software).  Click on it.

    5    When the PC asks you to verify the device, click that you see the number on the device, even though you don?t. (Honesty will not get you far with Windows.)
    6    The 5550 will now ask you to accept to connection, click ?Accept? on the 5550.
    7    Click on Menu to go back to the normal 5550 screen.
    8    When the Bluetooth devices window opens on the PC, drag the 5550 icon to the desktop.

You are now ready to program. Here is what you do:
    1    Right click the 5550 icon on the PC desktop.
    2    Roll your cursor over ?Connect using? and click on ?Access point?
    3    Now, open the CPS software.
    4    Click on Bluetooth in the top menu. It will turn the background blue.
You are now connected to the 5550 and can do whatever you can do with the programming cord EXCEPT updating the firmware. That has to be done with a physical cable. You can Read, Write and Clone as you wish. If you have more than 1 5550, you will need to have a Bluetooth connection icon for each one of them, and, if you want them programmed the same, you will have to do one first, then clone it to the second one.

Gene / W4DSN
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