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Looks like United's latest PR disaster, removing a fare-paying passenger by beating him mercilessly has cost the airline BIG TIME - over a BILLION bucks........

Here is the raw video taken by a passenger using his iPhone......

Stupid assholes.  When will they finally realize there are MILLIONS of high-resolution broadcast quality video cameras I peoples' smart phones capturing anything and everything that goes on.  Once these videos are posted online they replicate like rabbits and they never go away.

Now the doc is suing the airline along with the Chicago cops whose employees actually dragged him of the plane for big bucks.  Then United's lawyers dig up some dirt on the doc and revealed he was convicted in Kentucky in 2004 for selling prescription drugs for sex and lost his license to'practice medicine.  So what does that have to do with him being dragged off the plane and publicaly humiliated?

Can't pull this shit anymore.

Multimedia / Re: Great YouTube Video - UNITED BREAKS GUITARS
« Last post by W1RC on Today at 08:51:23 AM »
Dave Carroll has produced two follow-up sequels to his UNITED BREAKS GUITARS YouTube post....

Song 2:

Song 3:

Gotta love this shit!!!!!
NEAR-Fest XXI - May 5 and 6, 2017 / Re: The sound of crickets......
« Last post by KB1NZN on Yesterday at 02:20:15 PM »

Ben, Do you think you could give me a little more "talent" in my monitor mix?

I asked about the "Talent Option" when I bought the new mixer, unfortunately the only ones they have available were made in China and did not integrate well. Since support was outsourced to India, I was concerned about being able to troubleshoot problems in a noisy environment.

You will need your ticket for the event, an inside parking pass and if camping a pass for the type of camping.

If I am going to buy a camping permit from the fairground, will I also need to have a NEAR-Fest parking pass?

Thanks for all your work, and that of the Shriners and the fairground people, to keep this event happening year after year!

Jack K1PUR
NEAR-Fest XXI Schedule of Events   

Friday, May 5 2017.

6:00 AM: Fairgrounds Gate 'G' opens for Blue (Staff) and Yellow (Commercial Vendors) ONLY.  Commercial buildings open and set up commences. 

7:00 AM: Fairgrounds Gate 'G' opens for Clubs & Associations passholders only to occupy their traditional spaces.  NO "FOR SALE" ITEMS DISPLAYED OR SELLING IS PERMITTED UNTIL 9:00AM!

9:00 AM: Pre-Paid Entry, Gate 'F' opens for RED ticket and passholders only.    Once the Pre-Paid entry line has entered the General Admission line will enter through Gate 'E'.  Flea Market and Tailgating buying and selling commences.  Please note our flea market parking policy:

This is the ENTERTAINMENT BUILDING, see map for location.

10:30 AM:   JT65 Digital mode communications by Dennis Egan W1UE.   As most of you know, the low cost and high computing power of todays personal computers has ushered in a wide range of digital "weak Signal" modes.  Dennis will cover JT65 one of the modes favored by EME enthusiasts (That is Earth Moon Earth or moonbounce to the common man)    (Located in the Entertainment Building, see map)

12:00 PM:  'Boat Anchor Radio Triage' with Ted Robinson K1QAR Over the past several years Ted has made a name for himself bringing boatanchors back from the dead.  If you don't already know he offers a free radio clinic for some basic troubleshooting here in our commercial exhibits!  In this session, we are delighted to have Ted "on stage" again after a couple of years to review some of the "Do's" and more importantly the "Don'ts" of where to start in restoration of a classic radio.  Now that you have that old radio ready to be brought back to life, come learn how not to cause more damage than the ravages of time already have!  (Located in the  Entertainment Building, see map)

1:30 PM:   Tools and techniques for tracking down RFI With Tony Brock-Fisher In these days of wall warts, in home internet wiring, and electronic toys, this will be a very good topic.  Tony is here to help and will teach you how to hunt down the source of RFI!    (Located in the Entertainment Building, see map)

3:00 PM: Amateur Radio in public service events by Gary Schwartz N1ZCE.   Amateur radio assistance for public service events has always been an important aspect of the amateur radio service.  if you are new to this or an old pro, you are sure to enjoy this informative presentation.(Located in the Entertainment Building, see map)

4:30 PM: More fun with George Rancourt, K1ANX.     Arrive early as this is always a packed house! No matter what aspect of R-390 specific or radio lore in general is covered by George, No one has ever complained about it!  Fun for all as we close out our first day!  (Located in the Entertainment Building, see map)

7:00 PM: NEAR-Fest's Legendary Ad-Hoc "Ham-Jam Session"
(Located in the Entertainment Building, see map).

For full details see: --> Jam Discussion

Saturday, May 6 2017.

9:00 AM: “DMR New England Update” moderated by Bill Barber, NE1B New DMR repeaters continue to pop up all over New England.  Now with NEW DMR radios available for close to $100 and a wide assortment of surplus commercial equipment easily found, more and more people are getting active in this interesting mode.  Bill Barber, NE1B, the contact for New England Digital Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN) will be back this spring, by popular demand, to give us updates… and there is lots of news… on whats going on in the DMR world and what you need to do to get involved. (Located in the Entertainment Building, see map)[/size]

10:30 AM:   "Hams on Arduino" by Brandon Hockle KB1WAH      Brandon will review with us some of the ham radio related microcontroller projects he has built for very little money that are quite useful.  He wowed us last spring  and I asked him to come back to Near-Fest! We can expect a review of some current ham projects with Arduino, like an SWR meter, a VFO, a K3NG keyer, plus an overview of the embedded options. (Located in the Entertainment Building, see map)

10:30 AM:Volunteer Exam Session conducted by Bruce Anderson, W1LUS and the NEAR-Fest VE Team  The exam session is located in the Meeting Room (in the Arts & Crafts Building) right across from the flagpole.  The entrance is around the back of the building, (see map)
The Volunteer Examination session begins at 10:30 sharp.  Be sure to have two forms of identification (one with photo), original and one copy of your Amateur license (if you have one), documentation and $15.00 exam fee ready.  For more information on the Volunteer exams or if you are a ARRL accredited VE wishing to help, please contact the VE Coordinator at  Despite what it says on the ARRL Web site, pre-registration is not required.  Just show up, bring money and give it your best shot. Try the higher level exams even if you don't feel you are ready - you never least you'll know what to expect the next time.  Good luck!

2:00 PM: Closing Ceremony, Awards and Door Prize Drawing (Located in the Relaxation Grove, see map)

More than simply a prize drawing, this is the time we honor individuals, present updates to the NEAR-Fest mission, and provide a little insight as to what lies ahead. See a list of past LIFETIME PASS recipients:

See you all at Deerfield bright and early Friday morning!


John Flood, KB1FQG,
Forums Chairman
NEAR-Fest XXI - May 5 and 6, 2017 / Re: The sound of crickets......
« Last post by DrOptigan on April 17, 2017, 06:10:25 AM »
Is anyone bringing any actual talent to the fest?
Ben, Do you think you could give me a little more "talent" in my monitor mix?

Jus' Kiddin'

As long as we're more careful than this guy, I think we'll be fine:

NEAR-Fest XXI - May 5 and 6, 2017 / Re: The sound of crickets......
« Last post by Bri on April 16, 2017, 11:31:34 PM »
Is anyone bringing any actual talent to the fest?
Ben, Do you think you could give me a little more "talent" in my monitor mix?

Jus' Kiddin'

NEAR-Fest XXI - May 5 and 6, 2017 / Re: The sound of crickets......
« Last post by KB1NZN on April 14, 2017, 06:59:47 PM »
Nice Rick!   ;D
Multimedia / Another Letter from Riley
« Last post by W1RC on April 14, 2017, 06:46:03 AM »

April 12, 2000

Timothy M. Smith
RFD 3 Box 3695
Skowhegan, ME 04976

Subject: Warning Notice: Amateur Radio License: WA1HLR

Dear Mr. Smith:

The Commission has evidence that you have been deliberately and maliciously interfering with the radio operations of other licensed Amateurs on the 75 and 40 Meter Amateur bands. Such interference apparently occurs at various times and includes broadcasting, making unidentified transmissions and sound effects.

The Commission generally relies upon the Amateur Radio Service to be self-policing. Operation of the type described above is contrary to the basis and purpose of Amateur Radio and degrades the service for legitimate users. This serves as a Warning Notice that such operation will not be tolerated. Additional incidents of operation of the type described above will result in a monetary fine being levied against you and in revocation proceedings before an Administrative Law Judge.

Additionally, you are requested to call me at 717-338-2502 within ten days from the above date to discuss this matter.


W. Riley Hollingsworth
Special Counsel, Amateur Radio
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