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Interesting web page!!!

Also of interest is the Reverse Beacon Network

The RBN is a network of stations that listen to the bands and report what stations they hear, including when and how well. The website's database of past spots allows operators to instantly find what stations (from any given country or zone) have been heard, at what times, and on what frequencies. Operators can also see when they have been spotted, who spotted them, and how loud the contact was.

There is an option to compare your signal with those of friends and competitors, in near real time, or look at historical data of previous transmissions. If you wonder how your signal compared to others' during a previous contest, the website's Signal Comparison Tool will provide real, quantitative data. For an instant report, query what stations you want to compare, based on signals heard by a given reverse beacon on a certain band at a certain time.

NEAR-Fest XXXII - October 14 & 15 2022 / John A. Hussey, N1OQO, SK
« Last post by W1RC on June 23, 2022, 09:21:53 AM »
I am sad to report that John A. Hussey, N1OQO of Pittsfield ME became a silent key on Monday June  20th, 2022.  Initially from Clifton Park NY, John was a broadcast engineer.  He developed and produced the portable radio-controlled PA system we use at NEAR-Fest.
NEAR-Fest XXXII - October 14 & 15 2022 / Online Control of the IC-705
« Last post by W1RC on June 21, 2022, 06:38:49 AM »
This is very exciting news for ICOM IC-705, IC-7610 and IC-9700 owners.

Marcus, DL8MRE, has developed a wonderful remote control app for the Mac and iPad iOS that is easy to install and use either on your local area network or over the Internet to operate the above listed ICOM radios.  Marcus has been developing apps for the iPhone and iPad since they first were introduced.  He produced the SmartSDR app for Flex Radio and now a similar app is available for these ICOM radios as well. This is a shameless plug for a product that impressed the heck out of me and I have no business connection with Marcus except as a very happy happy user of his software.


MrMike, W1RC
NEAR-Fest XXXII - October 14 & 15 2022 / Who Are We Thinking Of?
« Last post by W1RC on June 06, 2022, 12:55:08 PM »
Holden Maine police have a message for you: If you?re going to fake an inspection sticker, at least get your spelling right.

     A driver recently attempted to pass off a fake inspection sticker, but the Holden Police Department wasn?t fooled. In fact, the department used it as a teachable moment about the importance of proper spelling.

?Here?s a thought: If you plan on trying to fool the police with your fake inspection sticker, how about at least spelling all the words correctly?? the Holden poliwwwce said in a tweet.

The artist behind this masterpiece misspelled vehicle?as ?vehical.?

It?s not the first time Mainers have gotten creative with their stickers. In 2016, a Whitefield man was charged after police found him using a piece of plastic foam as an inspection sticker and people got a hearty chuckle when Livermore Falls police found a woman had made an inspection sticker using a notice from the Auburn Police Department that appeared to be a reminder to pay a fine. That same year, an Ellsworth man was accused of making one from a milk carton.

Laughs aside, faking an inspection sticker is a Class E crime punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
Yo, Ed??.

The Deerfield Police department has interviewed one individual and are presently consulting with the State?s Attorney as to whether or not charges will be laid. 

Six pieces of equipment have been recovered; four of which have been returned to their rightful owners. 

The matter is still under investigation and this is all we are saying at this time.


As suggested by MisterMike, W1RC and Gregory R Bares, W1USA, at the ARRL New England Division directors candidates debate last fall at NEAR-Fest XXX the election winner and current Director Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, has made good on his promise. 

The resource page, located on the ARRL New England Division Web site contains an excellent primer on RFI and how to locate its? source.

This page has maps of the six New England states showing the local power utility community by community with contact information for them.

This is a pilot project that hopefully will go nationwide as a baluable resource for ALL radio amateurs.

The New England Division wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Ed Hare, W1RFI, head of the ARRL Laboratory, Rob Leiden, K1UI as well as the other members of the Spectrum Protection and Use working group in the preparation of this guide.  Any additions, corrections, updates, etc, should be sent to as this is an ongoing work in progress.

NEAR-Fest would like to thank AB1OC, K1UI et al for following through on his election promise and providing the amateurs and other radio hobbyists in New England with this very important and valuable resource.


MisterMike, W1RC
Any Perps identified???
UPDATE:  Thus far five items have been recovered and will be returned to their rightful owners.  However there is one item still remaining with the owner still needing to be identified so if you lost something at NEAR-Fest please contact the undersigned immediately.


MrMike, W1RC
This is a great freeware program to help CW ops develop their sending skills.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to Ernst F. Schroeder, DJ7HS, for this wonderful piece of code,



While at NEAR-Fest XXXI last Spring or earlier NEAR-Fests did anything on your table seem to grow legs or otherwise mysteriously just vanish into thin air?  If something disappeared, ie:ripped off, this may be good news to you. 

Since the last fester several missing items have been recovered by law enforcement.  It is our goal to reunite these pieces with their owners.  So if you ever had any items ?gone missing? from your table or vehicle while at Deerfield (or anywhere else in NH for that matter) please contact me at with a full description of what you lost.  Full confidentiality assured.



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