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NEAR-Fest XXIV October 12 and 13 2018 / Ham Jammers
« Last post by KB1NZN on September 16, 2018, 04:16:01 AM »
FAIR WARNING, and hopefully enough advance notice to find an alternate solution ..

I do not think I'm going to be able to provide the sound system for the upcoming NEAR-Fest XXIV jam session due to some unforseen circumstances. I have some commitments where it's likely I may not be able to be there at least part of Friday night. First one I've missed in...9 years...since back in the days of the WOK-Fi..

My apologies, hopefully other arrangements can be be made.

NEAR-Fest XXIV October 12 and 13 2018 / Re: Radio Club Spaces
« Last post by KB1NZN on September 08, 2018, 12:37:47 PM »
These forms are now available on the NEAR-Fest web site,
NEAR-Fest XXIV October 12 and 13 2018 / Re: Radio Club Spaces
« Last post by KA2QFX on September 06, 2018, 02:07:56 AM »
We handed out the form for new club passes in May.  Apparently you did not get one.  I will email you the info.


Hello Mike,
Apparently I didn't get a form either, unless it was sent to Timtron for AM Int'l.
Technical Stuff / Re: Collins R-390A Resource Page
« Last post by W1RC on September 05, 2018, 07:44:07 AM »
Hi Gang!

Every once in a while something really cool comes along that is of great interest to R-390A radio folks like us - and here it is!

This 78 page .pdf file is a collection of handouts is from the US Navy Technical Training Center in Pensacola FL.  It is the “A” School R-390A training handout for the Cryptological Technician Class “A” Cryptologic Maintenance Course (A-102-109).  The document is not classified and in the public domain so distribution is completely legal.

This handout is an absolute gold mine of information on how the R-390A works and how to maintain it.  Included (page 43-49) is a very interesting document on how to modify a R-390A for SSB reception without using an external adapter.

It is a very interesting and informative read.  Some of the pages especially towards the end are very light and hard to read but it is all there.  Perhaps some day someone with too much time on their hands will retype it.



Michael, W1RC

Download the handout:

Thanks to Chaz Jedlicka for sharing this wonderful resource with us.
NEAR-Fest XXIV October 12 and 13 2018 / Re: Radio Club Spaces
« Last post by W1RC on August 30, 2018, 11:43:20 PM »
We handed out the form for new club passes in May.  Apparently you did not get one.  I will email you the info.


NEAR-Fest XXIV October 12 and 13 2018 / Radio Club Spaces
« Last post by n1ymq on August 23, 2018, 10:49:50 PM »
Hi Mike,
What is the procedure for radio club's this year since the passes have gone away?
I dont see any information on the web site.
Our passes were taken in May and we were told new procedures were coming.
Any information?
Alan Bradford AE1H
Twin State Radio Club W1FN
Even more pics!
More pics........
On Friday, August 17th 2018, Larry Damour, N1PHV, also known as “Sarge” passed away peacefully at his home in Weare NH with his loving family at his bedside.

Larry and I have been close friends for 22 years. I met Larry at the Weare Rally in 1996 when some buddies and I hauled up a huge pile of old military radios that sold faster than we could take the money.  We both always remembered that day. 

Larry was a Fire Warden and later Director of Operations at the New England Amateur Radio Festival, or NEAR-Fest, for ten years.  He also worked with me as Deputy Superintendent of Radio Communications for seven years.  I also helped him in a very small way at the Weare Rally.  It was a pure pleasure to work with Larry.  He was highly competent and totally dependable.  Most important is he was fun to be with, always laughing and joking around.  Larry knew how to have fun.  We shared many an interesting adventure together and enjoyed a lot of private jokes that only we understood.

Larry was a brave firefighter and EMT who saved many lives over his twenty-five year career with the Concord Fire Department.  He was a true patriotic American and a proud New Hampshire boy.  He served his country proudly and willingly when some did not.  He was 100% disabled but cheerfully played out the hand he was dealt until the end.  I never heard Larry complain.  He had a wonderful supportive and loving family, wife Dottie, children Melanie, Larry Jr and Timothy as well as two grandkids.  He thoroughly enjoyed his work and his hobbies.  The sixty plus M-151 JEEPS he lovingly restored are only part of his legacy. 

Larry was possibly the happiest man I ever met. 

Everyone should be so fortunate to have a friend like Larry Damour.......Larry touched so many lives including mine.  He may be gone from this earth but he will never be gone from our memory.  He was a very unique individual.  My life is a little bit emptier now that he is gone.

NEAR-Fest XXIV (Oct 12th and 13th 2018) is respectfully dedicated to Larry’s memory.

My sincerest condolences to his family and many many friends.

73 N1PHV, SK, de W1RC
Mister Mike
NEAR-Fest XXIV October 12 and 13 2018 / Re: Tickets
« Last post by W1RC on August 21, 2018, 08:19:05 AM »
Yes we will have advance admission and inside parking passes.  We have a booth inside courtesy of FEMARA.  See you there.
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