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NEAR-Fest XXXV April 25 and 26, 2024 / You Are in Good Hands at NEAR-Fest.
« Last post by W1RC on October 19, 2023, 03:22:00 AM »
On Friday, October 13th 2023 one of our visitors took a hard fall as he walked away from Angelinos food stand with his hands full with a steak and cheese sandwich.  Here is his account of the incident.

Hi Mike,
As you may have heard I had a nasty fall at NEAR-Fest on Friday. I had just received my steak and Cheese sandwich and when I turned around 180 degrees to quickly with both hands full of food, I fell face down on the pavement and really messed myself up. Literally in the blink of an eye people were all around helping me get me up and there stood medics. I was amazed. They were so helpful. Even the food service without a request made me a replacement sandwich. Please thank them all for me.

One of the first questions the medics asked me apparently discovered that one of my medications could indicate a potential stroke problem and they went into high gear. Initially they monitored me and soon transported me my setup on the lower field and more medics came out of nowhere.

At first I was adamant about going to a hospital but eventually the medics convinced me, quickly secured an ambulance and friends (after I left) packed my car and drove it to my home. What great guys. I was over whelmed at so many jumping in to help.

The ambulance guys were also terrific. They quickly drove me to Catholic Medical Center in Manchester and again great service beyond my expectations. Thankfully a CT scan etc. indicated no concussion or problem. After a few patch ups and a few phone calls, some friends nearby my town of Amherst arrived at CMC and drove me home where I found my car all packed  with all my gear!.

In summary, I can't thank enough all the medics etc for their rapid care at NEAR-Fest, getting me taken care of, securing an ambulance so quickly to safety. Also all the others involved at NearFest that helped. I was overwhelmed. Please thank them all for me! I am now just resting comfortably at home!
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Thanks
« Last post by W1JS on October 15, 2023, 01:29:37 PM »
Thanks to the NEARFest crew for a job well done.

NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: Ham Jam
« Last post by Whoz Your Daddy on October 14, 2023, 06:49:32 PM »
Another Great Near-Fest & Ham-Jam!
Great job everyone!
Have a safe and happy Winter!
See you in the Spring!

Ham-Jam Coordinator
Saturday, May 13th, 2023.  It was exactly fifty years ago today, the Saturday before Mothers Day 1973, that the first Hosstraders was held at the Addams Family Campground in Seabrook NH.  There were sixty one attendees.  Were you one of them?
Hosstraders was held there in 1974 and 1975 but the event quickly outgrew the Addams campground and so Norm, Bob and Joe moved it to the Deerfield Fairgrounds which where it was held until October 1992. In May 1993 Hosstraders was held at the Rochester NH fairgrounds and remained there until October 2000.  May 2001 found the event being held at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds where it remained intil October 2006. 
May 2007 was the first NEAR-Fest and our return to Deerfield.  30 hamfests later we are still there.

I was there with my daughter in 1990 as she bought her first rig at age. 8.
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: Ham Jam
« Last post by Whoz Your Daddy on October 12, 2023, 03:58:09 PM »
Hi Everyone! PA is packed and ready!
Yes, as far as I know we are in the same building as last May.
Please see attachment for building location.
Only thing I can think of that we may be in need of is some lighting.
In this building it's either too dark or too bright & nothing in between. LOL
Preferably LED DJ or party lights. If you got anything like that bring it along!
I got one I'm bringing.

Ok everyone have a safe trip. C Ya Soon!

NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: Ham Jam
« Last post by DrOptigan on October 11, 2023, 10:05:37 PM »
I should be there as (un)usual. Might even bring the Big Red Farfisa back around! Should be a fun jam. See ya's there! :)
-Adam KB1YTN
aka Dr. Optigan
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: Ham Jam
« Last post by AA2OZ on October 10, 2023, 08:26:43 PM »
Great, I'm glad more people are chiming in. It will be nice to have an actual real bass player again.
I am expecting to be in the camping area Thursday night so if anyone wants to hang out or jam feel free.
I did not get any bites on the high dollar items that I posted earlier so I will be bringing some other items at more ham friendly prices, so bring cash! I will have a couple basses, some smaller tube amps and probably a guitar or two, as well as some radio boat anchors.
If any other equipment is needed for the jam, let me know.
Will we be in the same building this time?

-Albany Johnny G  -AC2XN
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: Ham Jam
« Last post by n1iro on October 10, 2023, 06:13:26 PM »
I'll be bringing the drum set, of course.  Looks like Scott and Raj will be coming this time as well.

It will be fun as usual.

-Vermont Bill McGrath
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