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NEAR-Fest XXVII - May 1 & 2 2020 / Re: I’ve got a lot to do!
« Last post by N1ERF on March 15, 2020, 09:40:09 PM »
The long lines and empty shelves are true.

My wife went to Costco last week just to get the regular refill of toilet paper.
There was none. Had to find a Plan B source.

Too many morons are hoarding, and the ultra-greedy are snapping up stuff to resell at a profit.  >:(
NEAR-Fest XXVII - May 1 & 2 2020 / Re: I’ve got a lot to do!
« Last post by KB1NZN on March 15, 2020, 07:17:54 PM »
Corono-insanity :-)
NEAR-Fest XXVII - May 1 & 2 2020 / Re: I’ve got a lot to do!
« Last post by N1ERF on March 15, 2020, 01:49:51 PM »
You need to simplify your life. You're just *way* too busy...
Relax and keep it simple. Just "Soap, waster and scrub." ;D

No pressure.

NEAR-Fest XXVII - May 1 & 2 2020 / I’ve got a lot to do!
« Last post by KB1NZN on March 15, 2020, 01:35:07 PM »
Schedule for today:

Soap, waster and scrub. Oh, wait, gotta get out of bed first..

Ok, soap, water and scrub...just a second, I guess I should pee first?

Soap, water and the dog needs to pee? I suppose she wants to be fed too. Should I scrub before I feed you (ears pop up). I guess not because Jen said when she researched it dogs cannot catch this virus.

Soap, water and scrub...hold on, should I load the dishwasher with the dirty dishes first?

Now that that’s done, soap, water and scrub...ugh, need wood pellets for the stove. It was colder than expected last night and it’s almost out. I should go get those first...

What next? Oh yeah, I was going to clean the tv remotes, cell phone and the computer power button, keyboard and mouse. I guess I should go over the frequently touched surfaces too. It’s been a few days, those are overdue.. I don’t want to recontaminate my hands after I scrub, Should I clean those before or after I scrub? I guess I’ll wait until after scrub session 1, then I’ll scrub again...

Soap,water and scrub...look at all those dirty clothes! Guess I’ll get those washing before I scrub..Should I wear my scrubs when scrubbing? No, they need to get washed first..

Whew, I’m starting to get tired..

But wait, I’ve got to get sheets and pillow cases pulled off and washed, Maybe I can get a nap after they’re done. But I really should get a shower before I lie down on the clean sheets...

I guess I should get started now!
NEAR-Fest XXVII - May 1 & 2 2020 / Re: Attn: April MIT Flea is canceled
« Last post by W1RC on March 14, 2020, 09:26:51 AM »
I regret to add that the May MIT Flea has also been cancelled.

After that who knows?  But as of today, March 14th, 2020, NEAR-Fest XXVII is still scheduled to open on Friday, May 1st 2020.

Any changes to this will be posted on the NEAR-Fest web site and here on the Forum.

See you there!


NEAR-Fest XXVII - May 1 & 2 2020 / Attn: April MIT Flea is canceled
« Last post by Bri on March 10, 2020, 01:55:37 PM »
Just an FYI to the Ham/Radio/Electronics brothers and sisters out there.

The April MIT electronics Flea has been canceled due to MIT's policy of no large public events.
They have canceled ONLY the April event at this time, however as things progress who knows.

Now, go wash your hands for 20 seconds!

Newsgroups, aka usenet. / Some Great Newsgroups/usenet Information Sources........
« Last post by W1RC on January 24, 2020, 11:35:31 AM »
Here are three excellent Web sites that provide information for beginners (and experts alike) on how to tap the treasures of the Internet.  Originally called USENET back in the pre-historic days in the 1980s and early 1990s before the Web was invented, the service is now more commonly referred to as “Newsgroups”.  I use both terms interchangeably.  But whatever you choose to call it this little known Internet component is still very much alive and just loaded with goodies that are there for the taking.

However, there is a learning curve and you need to know a few basic things, like what is the difference between a text and binary file, how to choose and use a newsreader client app and how to select a news service provider.  More advanced topics include how to use a search site to find “NZB files” or trackers to find what you want and other utilities that are used to download and post material to usenet.

Here are three Web sites that contain information and tutorials that will get you up to speed quickly and confidently.

One tip that may not be clear is in regards to choosing a news service provider.  You need to subscribe and pay for the service but it is pennies if you follow this advice......

News service providers sell their services in two ways; so many gigabytes per month and in “blocks” of a fixed number of gigabytes with no time limit.   They all offer subscriptions where you get to download up to so many GB in a month for a fixed fee. For example, has a basic subscription that gives you 50GB of downloads a month for $3.00 (I told you it was pennies).  But a smaller number of news service providers also offer “blocks” of data as well; you can buy the same 25GB for $12.00 but there is NO TIME LIMIT on using it.  Larger blocks are available as well.  Three providers that offer “blocks” are, and in Europe. The choice is yours. 

Here is a “hands on”  tutorial on how to get up and running quickly:

Have fun and enjoy!




NEAR-Fest XXVI - October 11 & 12 2019 / Re: Ham Jam Oct 2019
« Last post by n1iwv on January 16, 2020, 12:55:03 AM »
crank it up baby!!!!!!!
NEAR-Fest XXVI - October 11 & 12 2019 / Re: Ham Jam Oct 2019
« Last post by N1ERF on October 15, 2019, 06:43:50 PM »
I did want to thank the new individuals that were brave enough to come up and play.

Assuming you have access to this site, our hope is that you are able to return next season and keep us musically challenged.
I was certainly working out of my comfort zone.

As usual, all are welcomed.

The Adam & The Ants saying goes: Don't Be Square (Be There)

Thanks for being there!
NEAR-Fest XXVI - October 11 & 12 2019 / Re: Ham Jam Oct 2019
« Last post by n1iro on October 15, 2019, 06:27:41 PM »
Yeah that was a really great jam and several people commented to me the next day how much they enjoyed it, plus it was neat having some newcomers and making sure they got their turn on stage!  Great job everyone!
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