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Where to Eat- Food Vendors at NEAR-Fest XXI
« on: June 03, 2013, 05:35:10 AM »
You simply can?t have a good Hamfester without plenty of good food and drink to tempt your palate.  The diet starts Monday! 

NEAR-Fest prides itself on the superior quality food available at Deerfield and go the extra distance to maintain that high standard.  No "fast food" garbage here!  Here's the list of food vendors who will be serving a wide range of meals and snacks at NEAR-Fest XXI.  We assure you there will be NO shortage of food and beverage. 

First and foremost - The Deerfield Community Church.  The "Church Ladies" feature a wonderful home-style country breakfast with REAL maple syrup for about six bucks and other great and wholesome home-cooked meals and other goodies.  No trip to NEAR-Fest is complete without a visit to the "Church Ladies".  Try the French Toast or pancakes with REAL blueberries!  It's as good as it gets!  Proceeds from their food booth go to fund the Church?s benevolent work.  When the Fair is on you'll see just about everyone who works at the event enjoying their meals here, including other food vendors.  That should tell you something.  WARNING: There?s usually a looooong line, especially early in the morning!     

An old Hosstraders veteran since the 1970s, Carroll and his staff at Angelino's Sausage House, will be serving up the traditional fair food favorites like hot and sweet Italian sausage grinders, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and a great breakfast too.  Carroll caters the now famous Volunteers' Cookout Thursday evening and we thank him.  Best ribs and chicken!  I never sausage such a place! 

Patty?s Pastarama and the Polish Kitchen - Patty serves up some wonderful Polish/Eastern European dishes as well as the best apple crisp with ice cream at the ?Fester!!!  Try the Polish Platter, kielbasa with sauerkraut or the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (my personal favourite)! 

DONNA?s over by the Pulling Ring features some great Italian sausage subs and other great goodies,
Only high-quality food here at reasonable prices.  Then again, this isn't your average hamfester.

Bon appetite and enjoy!


MisterMike, W1RC