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Great AM Audio Clips......
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:21:20 AM »
From 75m AM:

An AM legend: "Ashtabula Bill" W8VYZ (SK).

Another legendary figure, Myron W2OY (SK).  "No kids, no lids, no space cadets, no K-phonies, no school bus riders; Class A only!"  These clips go back to the 1960s.]

More about W2OY

Then, there's Irb, W2VJZ (SK) of Liberty Corner, NJ.  To say he was a "whack job" is understatement. 

Here's Irb at the Charlotte (VT) Hamfest with his ever-present bicycle.  This was the only hamfest that Irb was known to attend.  His summer QTH was in New Russia (NY), just across Lake Champlain from the hamfest.  He used to take the ferry across the lake to the hamfest?  Yes, that's a copy of the US Constitution in his shirt pocket.

Listen to his "schtick" and judge for yourself.

Most of the guys on the radio thought Irb to be a "crackpot" or worse.  He certainly didn't endear himself to many with his views and on-air operating practices.  In 2004 a NJ filmmaker produced a short film about Irb describing him as "a modern-day Don Quixote."  It shows another side of the man with a class of first-graders not generally apparent from his on-the-air personna.

Joe, NM1V, nailed Irb good one it!

Here's a photo of Joey in his ham shack in Wilmington MA

AMFONE holds a huge repository of AM QSO clips.

Great resource.  AMFONE is a Forum, just like this site.  Well worth a visit

More audio clips of great AM QSOs