Author Topic: Southern California 2m Repeaters, Circa 1978-1983  (Read 3103 times)

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Southern California 2m Repeaters, Circa 1978-1983
« on: June 06, 2013, 05:51:59 PM »
This stuff's pretty bad.  These guys played rough.  They called these exchanges "shows".  This gang moved around from the Mount Wilson to others finally coming to roost on the 146.61 "Hollywood Hills" machine where they called themselves the "Six-One Slime".  The FCC cracked down hard in 1983 trying to clean up the band for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games and several of the major miscreants lost their licenses.  One, ex-WB6JAC (SK), Richard Allen Burton, actually served time in Federal prison twice for continuing to operate without a license. 

Not exactly amateur radio at its best but interesting and quite entertaining in a perverse sort of way.  You have been warned.

Richard Burton, ex-WB6JAC, ex-KF6GKS (SK) aka "Fatty", "The Whale": Radio Felon

Richard (ex)WB6JAC and Ed WA6LEB

Talk about pushing buttons and stirring it up.....this guy's a pro!

This is KA6SIK fielding a lot of racial slurs and taunts with ease.  Remarkable as it seems most of these guys are all buddies and hang out together at the swap meets.  Warning: very offensive language.
PS: Royce was only fifteen years old when this QSO took place.

The group even had it's own printed newsletter, the FREE AND OPEN edited by Arnie, K6PXA.

Even the prestigious LA Times ran a featured article about the "Six-One Slime" in 1991.

Trustee Jay, WB6AAM received a letter from the site threatening to cancel his lease if he didn't get rid of "the slime".

Jay responded with this letter to the users of .61