Author Topic: Important Locations on the Fairgrounds -Where Is___________?  (Read 13066 times)

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This aerial map (top is looking east) shows the locations of important buildings on the site where different events take place.  The road at the bottom of the map is Highway 43 which is the road you took to get here.  To give you a reference point the Administration Building (7) is the first thing you see on your right when you enter the grounds through Gate 'E'.

1:  "The Relaxation Grove" is where the Command Center trailer and
      Closing Ceremony stage is located.  The Prize Ticket drop barrel is
      located here on the stage throughout the two days.

2.  "The Entertainment Building" is where the technical symposia, meetings,
       forums and the Friday Night "Jam-Fest" are held.

3.  "The Commercial Buildings 1 and 2" are two buildings where the
       commercial vendors may be found.

4.  "Concession Building #2" is the third building where more commercial
      vendors and displays are located.

5.   Restrooms, Men and Women.  Two locations.  We'd have more but we
      have to pay plenty for the two we have.  We comply with ADA
      regulations and have two Handicapped "porta-potties" as well, one at
      each building.  Sorry, it's an old fairground and this is the best we can

6.   The original "AM Corral" from the Hosstraders days.  Anyone can set up
       here now.

7.  "The Arts and Crafts Building" (upper level)  "The Meeting Room" is in
       the lower level which is where the Volunteer exam session is held
       Saturday morning starting at 10:00..   
       Please note: The entrance is around back of the building.

Have fun and play nice!

Mister Mike, W1RC