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Prizes Drawings and Give-Aways
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:04:53 AM »
This is NEAR-Fest's official policy and procedure for distributing door prizes at the hamfest.

We strive to have the best door prizes of any hamfester around.  Over the years we have given away several Elecraft K3s and KX3s, Flex Radios, Buddipoles and other highly desirable items.  We will continue to do so as long as we can afford it.  And, yes, we do have to buy the grand prizes.

If you wish to increase your chances you may buy additional admission tickets from the ticket sellers located at the main gate up to noon on Saturday.

The Prize Committee consists of Co-Chairs Richard, KB1UFI and Frank, W1EYH.  These fine gentlemen are responsible for drawing winning tickets and distributing the prizes during the 'Fester.  In the event of disputes, problems, etc, their decision is absolute and final.  There is no higher authority.

Each ticket purchased will have a corresponding numbered stub attached.  It is very important that you are sure your mailing address and telephone number are legibly written along with your call and name on your ticket stub and place it in the drawing barrel located on the stage at the Relaxation Grove.  Remember, if we cannot identify a prize winner we cannot award their prize which will be then forfeited and redrawn.  It has happened before and more than once.......

Drawings for "major" prizes including the "Grand" prize do NOT require the winner to be present in order to win.  Such drawings will take place at the Closing Ceremony on Saturday just after 2:00 PM at the Relaxation Grove stage as well at such other time(s) that may be announced. 

"Minor" or "Hourly" prizes, nominally less than $50.00 or less in value will be drawn at to-be-determined times during the Hamfest at the stage in the Relaxation Grove.  Winners will be announced on FM 95.1 and AM 650.  A "Winners Board" that will list the prize and the corresponding winner's ticket number will be prominently displayed at the stage. 

It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to check to determine whether he or she is a winner.  You must claim these prizes in person.  A surrogate may claim a prize on the original ticket holder's behalf but they MUST have the winning ticket in ther possession.  Any unclaimed prizes will be redrawn at the Closing Ceremony.  We do attempt to notify Grand prize winner if they are not present at the drawing.

Anyone, including Lifetime pass holders, commercial vendors, volunteers, media,  etc, wishing to be eligible to win a prize MUST purchase a regular admission ticket and deposit the stub in the prize drawing drum.

Please be advised that NEAR-Fest is REQUIRED to issue a 1099-MISC form to all winners of prizes whose fair market value is $600.00 or more with a copy to be filed with the IRS.  So if you are a lucky winner your prize is considered "income" and it's FAIR MARKET VALUE is taxable.  Be prepared to provide your name, address and SSN when receiving your prize.

So to summarize: Anyone wishing to be eligible to win a prize MUST purchase a ticket.  Winners presence NOT required for the "Major" or "Grand" prize but winners (or their surrogates) must check the "Winners Board" located at the stage at the Relaxation Grove and must claim "minor"prizes (valued at $50.00 or less" in person before the Closing Ceremony" at 2:00PM Saturday.  Winning tickets MUST be presented in order to claim a prize.  Otherwise they will forfeit their prize and it will be redrawn at the Closing Ceremony.  Anyone winning a prize with a value in excess of $600.00 will be issued a 1099-MISC form because their prize is considered income.

I hope this clarifies the manner in which NEAR-Fest will be distributing prizes to our attendees.


Mister Mike, W1RC