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Best Quote From NEAR-Fest I!
« on: May 06, 2007, 11:31:44 AM »
This is, with out a doubt, the best line I heard at NEAR-Fest I:

Gary, W2INR, and I were driving through the Deerfield Fairgrounds late Saturday afternoon on an inspection tour to see how the cleanup operation was proceeding.  I spotted a fellow who I've met at many past Hosstraders events (including at Deerfield) packing up the last of his unsold items and we stopped to chat briefly with him.  Like countless other Hosstraders veterans I met the past two days he told us how happy he was to be "back home" at Deerfield and he hoped that NEAR-Fest would continue to be convened at this wonderful place.  As we started to drive off he offered us one piece of advice:  "Watch out for the a--holes!  Don't let them spoil it"

Without hesitation Gary replied:

"Don't's okay.  We have bigger a--holes!

Perhaps this is why our wonderful gang of cleanup volunteers were able to return the fairgrounds to pristine condition very quickly (three hours). 

My Fair association contact had completed his own inspection tour and it was very apparent he was pleased with how clean he found the fairgrounds.  We got high marks.  "You must have put the fear of God into them!" he smiled as we drove out the gate headed for a good dinner before beginning our separate journeys home and finally some sleep.   

Yes, most of the folks picked up after themselves and left their area as they found it.

Only a very small number found themselves meeting face-to-face with the NEAR-Fest Sergeant-at-Arms, truly a warm and wonderful human being (the first time).  Those who tried to cop an attitude were immediately sorry they chose this response.  Either way, after the encounter they cleaned up their mess, took all their crap and were unceremoniously sent on their way.

It's an unfortunate commentary on our society today but, yes, it is true.  We DO have bigger a--holes but only because we need them and this is obviously what it takes!   We were all done and outta there just a few minutes before six knowing that we are welcome to come back on October 12th to open NEAR-Fest II because we kept our promise and did what we said we would do!  We returned their Fairgrounds to their keepers in the same condition as they were when we turned them over to us only 36 hours earlier. 

I am not going to post any other comments or statistics for a while to allow all the information that has been absorbed by us to sink in and for our Treasurer to figure out how many tickets we sold and how much money we have left after expenses for NEAR-Fest II and beyond. 

All I want to say at this time is: Thanks everyone for coming to the big pfarty and helping us keep our promise to the keepers of the Fairgrounds!  NEAR-Fest II will be convened October 12th and 13th.


Mister Mike, W1RC