Author Topic: Great Moments in Court - Poor Bastard Gets Nailed for Contempt of Court  (Read 3826 times)

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Being found in contempt of court is not funny.  It is one circumstance where you have to prove you are innocent or you are presumed guilty.  Usually the trial is immediate; the penalties can be pretty severe, including incarceration.

This is unbelievable.....during the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando FL in 2011 this poor schmuck named Matthew Bartlett thought he would be a funny man and give the prosecuting attorney the "finger".  Guess what?  Judge Perry saw him do it and...................well, watch what happened to Matthew.  Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Judge Belvin Perry was very well aware that the whole world was watching this trial and was not about to put up with any nonsense in his courtroom.  Here are a couple of other luckless idiots who were likewise dealt with for their stupidity and idiotic behavior.

Here's a juror who found himself in hot water for not following the judge's instructions:

and another..................

This woman disrupted the jury selection process when she shouted something out and Judge Perry nailed her good: