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NEAR-Fest Leadership and Management Team
« on: June 02, 2013, 05:32:09 AM »
As we head into 2018, NEAR-Fest XXXI and our sixteenth year of operation it occurred to me that we have had several critical changes to our management team and I'd like to take this opportunity to update the original document in which the team was introduced to you back in May 2007.

Of the original NEAR-Fest "Founders" the following are still on board:

Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF, Chelmsford, MA
Director of Operations Emeritus
NEAR-Fest Vice President and Secretary

Timothy M Smith, aka Timtron, WA1HLR, Skowhegan, ME
Director of On-Site Communications

Paul DePetrillo, W1PRA, Cranston, RI

Todd Bigelow, KA1KAQ, Gum Spring VA.

Jim Evans, N1HTS, Tewkesbury, MA
Venue Initialization.

Joe Kramas, K1JEK, Northwood NH
Campground King.

and yours truly,
Michael Crestohl, W1RC, Marblehead MA
Benevolent Dictator a vie.

Since NEAR-Fest I these folks have joined us to help produce the 'fester every six months:

Gregg R Bares, W1USA, Oxford, MA

John Flood, N1JAF (formerely KB1FQG), Maynard, MA
Managing Director,
Official Bulletin Assistant Message Announcer (O.B.A.M.A.).

Joe Fell, W3GMS
Martha Fell, N3QBE
Directors of Media, Publicity and ARRL Relations
Benevolent Doctator's Executive Committee

Ross Hochstrasser, W1EKG, Whitman, MA

Jim McIrvin, N1IPA, Topsham, ME
Commercial Exhibits

Harry McNelley, N1TTT, Brunswick Maine
Commercial Exhibits

Frank DePetrillo, W1EYH, Niorth Scituate RI
Richard Geschwindner, KB1UFI, wherever the Airstream is parked.
Prize Co-Chairman

Ben Gore, KB1NZN, Acton, ME

Pattie Almquist, Oxford MA
Head Gatekeeper

Jim Miller, K1JHM, Concord NH
Fire Warden

Bob Mitchell, W1NH, Raymond NH
Grounds Setup

Bob Allen, KB1FRW, Richmond, VT
Traffic Warden

Carl Dow, AB1DD, Hinesburg VT
Traffic Warden

Phil Brooks, KA1PXZ, Glover VT
Kelley Brooks, KE1LEY, Glover, VT
Wearer of many hats.

Crystal Winchester, KA1BTK, Lynn, MA
Operations Department

Founders "Emeritus" include
Edward Anderson, N1IWV, Greenfield NH
Gary Burrows, W1INR, Syracuse NY,

Director Emeritus:
John Rogers, K1WIZ, North Attleboro MA
John M Goran, K1JJS, Freeport ME

In Memoriam: Silent Keys.

Ken Rust, KB1PRV (SK), Windham NH.

Clem Beauregard, VE2BIA (SK), St-Basile-Le-Grande, Quebec
Founder, Director, Canadian Liaison

Warren Elly, W1GUD/4, (SK) Tampa, FL
Media and Public Relations Director

Stanley White, N1TT (SK), Lowell, MA
General Troubleshooter

Jerry Muller, K0TV, (SK), Hudson, NH
Tyler (Early Admissions Gatekeeper)

John Moore, N1FOJ (SK), Hopkinton NH
Benevolent Projects and Club Coordinator

Larry Damour, N1PHV, (SK) Weare, NH,
Director of Operations

Gardi Winchester II, KA1BTK (SK), Gloucestah, MA
Operations Department


MrMike, W1RC,
"Benevolent Dictator"
NEAR-Fest President.