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NEAR-Fest's Policy Statement on Requests for Donations
« on: February 06, 2014, 08:21:50 AM »
The New England Amateur Radio Festival, Inc. is a legal entity that exists for one purpose:  to run a hamfest in New England twice a year  We are not a club or a membership-based association.  Legally we are a not-for-profit Vermont corporation and have been accorded 501(c)(3) status by the IRS as well.  This means that we are classified as a "public charity" and as such are tax exempt.

As such there are rules we must follow or we risk losing our 501(c)(3) determination.  Some of these rules include what we can do with any monies that are left over after all our expenses have been paid.  Other than some funds we are allowed to keep in reserve to cover contingencies we have to give it away to recipients with goals and objectives that meet these requirements.

Huowever, when you purchase a ticket/parking pass you are not donating to a charity.   You are paying for the privilege of entering the fairgrounds.  Under most circumstances you may NOT deduct your costs to attend the 'fester unless you know something that we don't.  We do not issue receipts for tax purposes.  Commercial vendors may be able to deduct their expenses as business costs.  That is up to them.  We know from nothing............

NEAR-Fest does not actively solicit or encourage requests for funding or "grants" for individual or club projects with any excess funds that we may have in each calendar year, if any.   We prefer to conceive, initiate and fund projects of our own design that fit within the framework of our mission statement.  We announce all our benevolent projects here on our Web site and at the 'fester.

It has always been our policy to fund projects in conjunction with organizations that already clearly have tax-exempt 501(c) status like charities, municipalities/towns, educational institutions, etc,  that can provide proof of their status that would easily pass scrutiny by you-know-who. 

However, in order not to close ourselves off entirely from new ideas and possibilities, unsolicited proposals may be submitted to us.   To be considered, all proposals must have a direct relation to promoting and preserving amateur radio. It also helps a great deal if your organization a 501(c)(3) determination (we will need a copy).  Send it by US Mail only to NEAR-Fest Benevolent Projects Coordinator, PO Box 73, Hartford VT 05047.  E-mail submissions cannot be accepted.  However, due to time and manpower limitations, NEAR-Fest will only respond to those proposals that we may choose to support.    If you do not receive a response, this means we have decided that we cannot grant your request.


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