Author Topic: Help Save One of Europe's Last Remaining English-Language Shortwave Broadcasts!  (Read 4963 times)

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Friends in Need
In its Listeners? Club program last Saturday night, Radio Exterior de Espana (REE) gave a detailed promotion of NEAR-Fest and the announcer Alison said she would present this information again this coming weekend.
REE is one of the very few remaining shortwave stations in Europe broadcasting in English to North America (plus French to Canada).  Though they must be operating on a shoestring budget, the programs are very well done, yet very responsive to individual listeners.
Sadly, station management wants to pull the plug on all shortwave services from Spain effective October 1, to be replaced by podcasts (ugh).  So listen while you still can, 6055 kHz at 8 ? 9 pm Eastern (0100 ? 0200 UTC). (Or 1 hour earlier for the French program.)
If you are able to listen, I believe the station staff would appreciate a note of support. 
Just in case there may still be a chance to save this shortwave service, I also think concise comments about why shortwave broadcasts are still useful and valuable could be very helpful.
The station?s email is:
Those of us who have invested in AM mode receivers have a vested interest in keeping as many of the remaining shortwave broadcasters on the air as possible.
73, W1USA