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Here is a progress report as of Friday January 2nd, 2015 on the first component of this project from Dave KM3T who is donating rack space and Internet access.  Now that the funding has been taken care of this aspect of the project is switching into the implementation stage.  Here is what Dave sent me:

"The current plan is for Bill and I to head to my data center space in
Wakefield on Friday.  We will do the following:

1) Rack up and power up the Dell 1950 server that Dave Franco N1EMC has
donated for this project.
2) Reinstall the operating system and hook up the internet network
3) Test loss of power and make sure server still runs (the server has
dual power supplies and the data center has redundant power).
4) Perform the initial installation of the C-Bridge software from
Rayfield Communications.

Some information on the system itself:

1) The hardware is just a rackmount PC server (Dell 1950).  It will run
CentOS Linux as its operating system.  This is a very secure and capable
multitasking operating system that I am sure you have heard of.  It is
also required by the C-Bridge software.

2) The software (C-Bridge) basically acts as a central point for all the
participating New England DMR repeaters to connect to.  Because it is in
a location with a reliable network connection, once everything is
configured users will enjoy a network that is free of one-way
conversations and some of the oddities that can appear from time to time
when depending on residential routers and internet connections.  The
other benefits will be more control over talkgroup organization and

It will take at least a few weeks for the repeaters to migrate over to
the new architecture.  Much configuration work will need to be done
(DMR-wise) on the server once we have installed it.  We expect that a
cutover will happen by the end of January."

More as it happens.



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Message from Bill, NE1B: MotoTRBO DMR c-Bridge Update January 9th 2015
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2015, 11:25:49 PM »
Thanks to your very generous donations to NEDECN and the matching funds from the NEARFEST Digital Network Committee, we have ordered and installed the New England c-Bridge.  It has been running for the past week and is being configured for 34 current sites throughout New England.  These configurations will be complete in a week.  This bridge has a capacity of 50 Managers (or repeater links) some of which can be masters or slaves, and 100 Inbound/Outbound links to other bridges for Regional, National and Worldwide communications.

The c-Bridge will provide the following improvements in DMR Networking:
Expansion of our New England Network to 50 sites
More sites in CT, MA, NH, RI, ME and VT possible for your New England traveling
Flexible networking of talk groups (local, regional, national and world wide), customized for local users needs.
Better spectrum efficiency (e.g. single site for local, single end point source to destination bridges)
Improved bandwidth management for site links (decreasing data usage charges via cell and internet link requirements)
Less packet loss on links due to lower link requirements
Improved reliability in data center with power and ISP backups
VM Server and software image providing quick restoral
What does that mean to the User?

The vast majority of users do not have to change anything, if you already have SNE, Northeast, NA and WW in Southern New England, they will continue to work fine.  But if you are interested in new capabilities, then you probably will want WW English (TG13) and TAC310 (TG310).  WWE will be open all the time for QSOs in English and Wednesday night 9 PM Tech Nets.   WW will be PTT activated and open on Saturdays around noon for the World Wide DMR Net check-ins.

Similarly in Northern New England.  But we will add a new Talk Group in addition to WWE and TAC310.  This new TG will be REGION (TG8).  On April 1, REGION will take the perform the same function as NNE.  It will be for the NNE REGION.  The current NNE is TG 3133 which is really the Statewide GSM numbering for New Hampshire.

Most communications will flow from the existing NNE to the new NNE REGION as it is now.  It is the primary hangout for all travelers in ME, NH and MA.  If desired, you may keep 3133 for NH Statewide (just rename it) and 3125 for MA Statewide which many of you already have.  The beauty of all this will give you choice and spectrum efficient decisions.  If you are talking with a wide area group, or want a calling channel, then use NNE REGION or SNE.  But if two or more stations are within a state, then use the Statewide TG (3133 or 3125).  And lastly, you may add a true LOCAL (TG9).  Use LOCAL for stations using the same repeater site.  It will not key up any other repeaters.  And other repeaters can be used to support other QSOs within New England.

To further add to future flexibilities, there will be Language Talk Groups introduced for World Wide German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

So, in summary, status quo until April 1, but for early adopters, there will be new flexibilities starting around Feb. 1.  But to maintain the KISS utilization of these simple DMR radios, you can stay with your current daily "Talk Group" in SNE or NNE.


Bill, NE1B