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Russell Williams
« on: April 17, 2015, 01:42:37 AM »
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC, is well known for objective news reporting despite the fact that it is a Crown Corporation which means it is funded by the Canadian Government.  One of the premier news shows is The Fifth Estate.  There is an excellent online archive of past programs but, unfortunately, some are not viewable outside Canada.

One of these is the Russell Williams story which is as bizarre a crime story as you can find anywhere.  Fortunately CBC has made it available worldwide on YOUTUBE.  Here are the links to two programs about this case:

The Fifth Estate - Above Suspicion.

This program, aired later, details the remarkable work of the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) detective who obtained his confession.  The actual video made in the interrogation room is shown and has become a training tool for investigators worldwide. 

This is the Fifth Estate story on the confession

This is the full police interview video. It is 2:40 long but is really interesting to see how Ontario Provincial Police  Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth gets him to confess.  It is used as a training video for police investigators around the world.

The Fifth Estate has its own Web page.  However, please bear in mind that not all programming can be viewed outside Canada.

40 Years of The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate has a YouTube page for some of its shows.  It is

There is also a spinoff show called TRUE CRIME CANADA

True Crime Canada -

True Crime Canada-

Inside the Bus 1170 Case:

Fifth Estate -