Author Topic: VE Exam Session 10:00 AM Saturday April 27, 2024.  (Read 6026 times)

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VE Exam Session 10:00 AM Saturday April 27, 2024.
« on: March 21, 2016, 01:24:06 PM »
The Spring 2024 NEAR-Fest VE Exam Session will be on Saturday, April 27th.
In the Arts and Crafts Building (number 7 in the NEAR-Fest aerial site map) Use the rear entrance.

If you are an ARRL VE and wish to help with the exam session Please contact Bruce Anderson, W1LUS via email at
OR Text me at 978 851 2886

?         All elements administered - Tech through Extra
?         Walk-ins welcome - no preregistration required.
.         Handicap Accessible - Call in advance for special needs

You are required to bring with you:
?         A photo I.D. or two other forms of identification
?         $15 Exam Fee. Cash or check payable to ARRL VEC
?         Original of any CSCE you are claiming
.        Original of current FCC Issued License - if licensed
?         Copy of any CSCE you are claiming
?         Copy of current FCC issued License - if licensed

FORMS: The Form VEC 605 necessary for application is available on site. Any
existing original licenses or Certificates of Successful Completion of
Examination (CSCE) and copies of each to accompany the current application
must be brought with you.

GENERAL: Non-programmable calculators are allowed; cell phone calculators are NOT allowed.
Scratch paper and writing utensils will be provided. The applicants are
required to observe proper decorum, so as not to disturb other applicants.

You need to supply your Social Security number or your FCC Registration Number (FRN) on the VEC 605 application
You can obtain an FRN at
If you have a marine radio license or any other form of an FCC license you already have a FRN.
It is important to use your existing FRN as the FCC will not process your form without it on the 605 form.