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Two Grand Prizes at NEAR-Fest XX PLEASE READ
« on: August 06, 2016, 12:20:34 AM »
Okay, it's official - there will be TWO grand prize drawings, one Friday and the second on Saturday afternoon for the exciting new Elecraft KX2 portable HF transceiver ($750) complete with microphone, ($60)  built in antenna tuner, ($180) rechargeable Li-on battery pack ($60) and charger ($25).   Total value of this prize is $1,075.00 apiece.

Read all about it:

Here's the deal.  We have noticed in recent years that the big day attendance-wise is Friday.  W want to increase interest and attendance for Saturday so we have decided to have two grand prizes, one for each day.  However in order to have two chances on a single ticket you will have to come BOTH days.  The prize winner need not be present on Friday but the winner MUST be present to win the Saturday prize. 

So if you come on Friday you have a chance for the prize and do not have to stick around to see who won.  Saturday's prize will give those who return for the second day another chance and those who attend Saturday only will have an opportunity as well.  If you attend both days you have two chances.of winning.

Drawings will be held Friday afternoon at 3:00PM and Saturday afternoons at 2:00PM (or shortly thereafter) at the stage at the Relaxation Grove stage in the middle of the Fairgrounds.

Leaving your ticket stub with a buddy won't work anymore for any prize valued at $600.00 or more.  Winners of both prizes will have to show a piece of "government-issued photo ID" as well as provide their Social Security Number which means they WILL receive a 1099-MISC from early in 2017.  This is not our policy: it is an IRS requirement.  You will be required to show the $1,075 retail value of the radio as income on your 2016 return.  Yes, "Uncle Sap" wants his share and unless you live in NH your home state will likely want a piece of it too.


MisterMike, W1RC