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NEAR-Fest XX Fall Jam Session Thread!

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Wow, well within a month, and nobody's started a jam thread. Welp, here goes nothing...

Hope everybody's getting ready for the jam! I plan to have my (un)usual complement of oddball keyboards there, including the Big Red Farfisa™. Hope to see everybody there!  8)
aka Dr. Optigan

So we're within the sprint to the 20th Fest!!
What a long strange trip it's been.
Here are some particulars to chew on for this jam.

*Ben informs me he'll be bringing a new PA WITH vocal effects. Can I get a witness?
He'd also like people to leave their amps at home and plug in direct to his board.
I know that some of you would rather bring your amp and that's ok. However once again leave the big bruiser at home. A 10-25 watt will more than clear the room.

*Please post a list of songs you'd like to play. Know that some will and some won't get played depending on people knowing the piece and how complicated it is. Try to keep it simple.

*Bring lyric and chord sheets for those songs in 20 font or bigger. We're old; We can't seen Times 12 italic from 6 feet away.

*I think it would be good if we could get together a few hours before the jam to go over some songs and get a "feel" if it'll work or not.
We can do it acoustically, no need for amps kept for the keys. If I get enough people who are in I'll post a time/place to meet. We don't have to go through complete songs just overviews.

*As for other things like what to bring, load in/out, stands, miss chords, power strips, etc, look at previous posts from earlier Fests. You'll get the picture.

Any other suggestions concerns post them here.
I'll be posting my song list tomorrow.

Lets have fun and make it memorable!
See you at the Jam,


Here's my list.
Doesn't mean we have to play them just means I can.
Of course pulling them off is another story.

Legend: V= vocal , G= Guitar B= Bass, BV= Backup Vocal

Live with me -Rolling Stones  (B&V)
50 ways to leave your lover - Paul Simon (G&V)
Gimme some lovin’ -Spencer Davis Group  (G)
And your bird can sing - Beatles  G & B/V
Melissa Allman Bros (G)
Ain't no sunshine - Bill Withers  (G&V)
Keep on rockin in the free world Neil Young (G B/V)
Jumpin Jack Flash - Rolling Stones  (G&V)
I feel fine-Beatles G & B/V
Stuck in the middle- Steelers Wheel (key of C) ( G&V)
Susie Q - Creedence  (G)
Brown Sugar Rolling Stones (open G)  (V&G)
Try a little Tenderness - Otis Redding  (G)
Livin Lovin Maid - Led Zep  (G)
No Reply - Beatles  (G&V)
Knockin on heavens door - Dylan (G&V)
Roxanne - Police  (G)
It don't come easy - Ringo Star (G&B/V)
Oh Darling - beatles  G&V)
While my guitar gently weeps - Beatles   (G & B/V)
Pretty Woman Roy Orbison (G)
Badfinger – No Matter What G&B/V)
Light my fire Jose Feliciano/ Doors (G&V)
Fortunate Son  CCR (V&G)
The Pusher Steppenwolf (V&G)

Life has been quite busy lately.

I'll have to come up with a really short list this week. I'll play most anything, either on bass or guitar - If it's within my ability.

This is just me, but one thing I'd like to see is for the other members who participate, to actually contribute their part here too.
In recent seasons, there has only been a *very* small handful of individuals who actually post anything here.

It would be way-cooler if more people could participate here in what ever way possible, instead of only the few of us who happen to be regulars at this bar.
It's *your* event too! We don't own this business, we just try keep it running so everyone can enjoy it.

Again, that's just me.

Disclaimer: The opinions and thoughts of this individual do not necessarily match the thoughts of the collective mind of anyone.

"Your Results May Vary"  ;D

Hello all,

Just checking in.  As described by Bri I have new, lighter equipment that I am looking forward to putting to work at the jam. I've already used it at about 6 other events, but am still familiarizing myself with operation and features/capabilities. As for "plugging in" I would like to at least try plugging a guitar or two (or more) in at least temporarily because there are some features specifically designed for live use and I am curious to see how well they work the the jam environment.

See you soon!


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