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Near-Fest House Band T-Shirts


I was wearing a Near-Fest House Band T-Shirt from Nearfest X (10) at the jam and a few people wanted to know WTF???
I was able to contact the guy who made them and he could make  Near-Fest House Band XX T-Shirts if we wanted.
Cost is $12 for S, M, L, XL plus shipping. 2XL and 3XL are $14 plus shipping.
Who's in? I need at least 10 to order at that price. They will be Vinyl cut process not printed. I'll need to know by the end of October.


So.... Since there is a vacuum of enthusiasm. There will be no House Band T-Shirts.

See you all in da spring.


I believe I emailed you a confirmation about my interest in one. How many asked for them? Also, I'm not sure how many of the jammers keep a semi-regular tab on this forum during the in-between times.  :-\

I believe I got 2 replies. :(
You and John D.

That equals.........2


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