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Collins R-390A Resource Page
« on: July 23, 2014, 05:37:41 AM »
Here are several sources for information on the legendary Collins/US Army joint design R-390A/URR as well as the Collins R-390/URR radio receiver.  Please note that they are NOT the same.

This Web site is the ultimate resource for information for the R-390A.  It has everything you ever wanted to know about the R390A.   Kudos to Al, WA0HQQ, for all his work compiling this outstanding reference source.   I am proud to be listed as a contributor.


FAQ and References:

Perhaps the most comprehensive piece of collaborative work is the Y2K manual.  Here is the link to the current version:

There is an e-mail reflector on that Chuck Rippel WA4HHG and I started in 1998.  It is called the R390 List but it encompasses the R-390A as well as the R-390.  Also included are other "relatives" such as the R-388, R-388A, R-389, R-391 and R-392.  Here is the link to the archives:

You will have to select the R-390 list archives.  The List is still going strong and you can also subscribe at the same time.  I highly recommend that you opt to receive the List in the digest format.  Otherwise you may find more email in your IN box than you bargained for.

Chuck authored a R-390A "Owner's Manual" a while back.  It's another excellent resource

Finally here's a nice treatise by Don, W5OR, on basic R-390A maintenance:



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