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FAIR WARNING, and hopefully enough advance notice to find an alternate solution ..

I do not think I'm going to be able to provide the sound system for the upcoming NEAR-Fest XXIV jam session due to some unforseen circumstances. I have some commitments where it's likely I may not be able to be there at least part of Friday night. First one I've missed in...9 years...since back in the days of the WOK-Fi..

My apologies, hopefully other arrangements can be be made.

No apologies are needed and thanks for your support all these years. We have never been able to blame the sound guy on those occasions when we did not sound great.

Is anyone else planning to attend? Does anyone else have a small PA? I can bring an extra guitar amp if it will help.

--John AA2OZ

Whoz Your Daddy:
ben you rock I understand...we will miss you....,k, kids, no worries...i got the e-kit & small PA if we need it....unless we have anyone else who wants to step up? If not the show will go on! Please speak up.... ALL are welcome to jam!! everyone!
looking forward to seeing you all...Rick Allen

Bummer, Ben. :(

I'll probably be coming to the jam as (un)usual with some oddball keyboard instruments in tow, though I don't really have anything in the way of PA gear (or experience running sound in general).  Hopefully, we'll be able to figure something out. See ya's there!
aka Dr. Optigan

I plan to be there and will bring an extra mike stand and 2 extra microphones. I should also have some extra cables.


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