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« on: September 27, 2020, 08:55:31 AM »
Hello Friends....

I have received a number of emails and phone calls from folks who are concerned about the future of NEAR-Fest asking how they can donate money or if there are any other ways they can help out during these difficult times.  We want to thank those who offered monetary gifts and are happy to report that we are financially solvent and as such we are not in a position where we need to solicit outright donations in order to stay afloat. 

We are reinstating our tickets-by-mail operation.

We sincerely regret that both 2020 and the first 2021 NEAR-Fests had to be cancelled.  However, ware planning NEAR-Fest XXX for October 15th and 16th, 2021 and are asking you to help by buying your tickets in advance by mail.  I promise you we will be back at Deerfield but only when it is safe to do so.  Since the vaccines are now being administered I feel safe in saying that by October 15th it will be safe to resume the fester if the speing event cannot be held.

Here’s more reasons why you should buy them now and help us replenish our financial reserves and keep our commitments.

We will be raising the cost of admission to $15.00 at the gate effective October 15th, 2021, so advance purchasers will save $5.00 per ticket. We have a limited number of advance tickets and when they sell out those who waited will have to buy them at the Fairgrounds when they arrive.  You may buy as many tickets as you want. 

As an added incentive to buy tickets in advance we will be holding a special door prize drawing for advance ticket buyers for an Xiegu G90 HF 20W SDR transceiver valued at “around $500.00.” To ensure that you are eligible by buying your tickets in advance.  This special drawing will take place at a time and location to be determined, probably at a radio flea market or other such publicly attended event prior to the opening of the gate at Deerfield.  The winner will not have to to be present at the drawing to win. 

Please mail your ticket orders to NEAR-Fest, 316 Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead MA 01945-2730.  Send $10.00 per ticket and $10.00 for each vehicle pass along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Make check or money order payable to the New England Amateur Radio Festival, Inc.  Please do not send cash in the mail.

You may buy as many advance tickets as you want.

Tickets and inside parking passes will be available for in-person purchase at Ham Radio Outlet in Salem NH and on the South Shore at Ross Hochstrasser's Clock Shop located at 40 Walnut Street in Whitman MA.  Cash only is accepted at these locations.  Ticket stubs should be filled in at time of purchase and retained by the seller so they may be given to us and entered in the special and regular prize drawing.

For tickets ordered by mail we will enter your name, call, address, email and telephone number on the prize stub.  These will be retained and deposited in a safe container to be used for the special prize drawing.  All advance ticket stubs, including the winner, will be placed in the main prize draw drum at the hamfest and will remain eligible for all other prize drawings during the fest.

NEAR-Fest will survive this horrific pandemic no matter how long it takes to get it under control and it is safe once again to return to Deerfield.  We thank you for your help and encouragement.

Meanwhile stay safe and healthy. 


Mister Mike, W1RC, and the entire NEAR-Fest gang of usual suspects.