Author Topic: Should Proof of Vaccination be Required to Attend Large Public Events?  (Read 2102 times)

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We have planned our New England regional fest, NEAR-Fest XXIX, for April 30th and May 1st 2021 as well as NEAR-Fest XXX for October 15th and 16th 2021. Of course, it is premature to speculate now on whether or not they will actually take place. Many of our staff and attendees are over sixty years of age and ?high risk? so everyone?s health and safety are paramount. This must be and is our first consideration.

Hopefully circumstances will permit the shows to go on and there will be sufficient time to allow the vaccines now being developed to be widely distributed so as to allow for everyone involved to have received their shots. However it beings up an interesting issue.

The idea of whether or not anyone participating will require proof of vaccination in order to attend a Dayton, a NEAR-Fest or other similar event is a thorny issue and, as of now, we have not had any discussions on this subject. The concept appears similar to requiring everyone to wear a mask but because physical injections of medication into the body are involved it is more invasive and thus a far more complex a concept.

Should public health over-ride personal freedom? I see both sides of this argument.



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