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HAM-CON 2021
« on: January 14, 2021, 02:37:23 PM »
The rash of cancelled Festers is depressing. It stinks.  Nothing can be done.

But actually there is something which can be done:  Attend HAM-CON!

HAM-CON 2021 is a full On-Line Convention. It will include:
- A fully electronic on-line flea market. Vendors will have cameras on their stuff for you see and peruse
- Rooms where you can meet & greet other attendees. You will be able to see and speak. But no huggy or kissy!
- A great line-up of forums! You will be able to see and hear the speaker and engage in discussion
  We are still working on  the schedule, but so far, there will be forums on ARRL, Kit Building, Digital Modes, Station Setup and others.

Here are the advantages:
- You don't have to travel
- You don't have to wear a silly mask
- You don't even have to get dressed (but do so anyway... Please!)
- And, here's the big one.... It's FREE!

So no, there will not be a jam session, cookouts or campfires or general late night mishegas (ask Mr. Mike if you need a translation of this).  Actually you CAN have a cookout  in your own backyard if you'd like!

HAM-CON will be the opportunity to meet up and network with many other ham radio pals - something we cannot do very well right now.

HAM-CON is located at
(just like in Near-Fest, the hyphen is required)
The show will run 8AM-4PM on Saturday, February 27.

Right now, the site shows the setup and layout of the Convention with some sample (i.e. fake) content.
We will be adding more stuff as time goes on, and will  have a full schedule by the end of the month.
Check on the site in coming weeks for registration - especially if you would like to be a seller at HAM-CON.

HAM-CON is the ARRL Vermont State Convention. It has been running nearly 40 years! Some of you may remember it as the old Milton Hamfest from years ago.

Spread the word.
Ask questions if you need to (

And I hope to see all of you at HAM-CON 2021!


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Re: HAM-CON 2021
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2021, 03:04:02 PM »
Gawd, I remember the Milton Hamfest you and ?Mister Sandpaper? started to break up the winter monotony in the early 1980s at the high school.  It was always a lot of fun. Now it is Ham-Con and the VT State Convention.  Great idea taking it online.

NEAR-Fest will be there.