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V.I.P. Lifetime Pass Policies
« on: April 02, 2021, 02:12:29 AM »
Dear Friends of NEAR-Fest:

Thank you for buying a Lifetime VIP Pass to NEAR-Fest. If you attend and park inside twice a year for six and a half years you have fully paid for your Pass and any subsequent NEAR-Fests you attend will be at no cost.

The V.I.P. Lifetime Pass allows the named holder and one guest to be admitted with their vehicle on Friday morning at 8:00 AM at the same time the clubs and associations are permitted to enter.  The guest would only need to purchase an admission ticket if they wanted to take a chance on a door prize.  V.I.P. Passes are not transferable.  Nota bene: Clubs and associations are given priority before 0900 to occupy their ?usual? space inside the fairgrounds so if you occupy their space so we ask you to defer to them if asked. 

Because we have not held our hamfest since October 2019 our financial reserves are low. Proceeds from the sale of the V.I.P. Passes have been placed in a special account and will not be used except in a case of an ?emergency?.  In the event that the ?emergency? funds are not needed and NEAR-Fest should cease to operate the VIP Passholders may receive a partial refund based on the number of events that have been held to that point in time.

For the next 13 NEAR-Fests (from October 2021 to October 2027) V.I.P. Lifetime Pass holders will receive one regular admission ticket at no charge when they arrive at the fairgrounds. This is so they may be eligible to win a door prize. However, starting in May 2028, if they want to take a chance on a door prize they would have to purchase one (or more.  This is in keeping with our policy that only persons who have actually purchased an admission ticket can be eligible to win a door prize. 

Full details and updates to our V.I.P. Lifetime Pass program may be found here:


MisterMike, W1RC,
Benevolent Dictator