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Ticketing Information and General Policies!!!!
« on: March 23, 2008, 06:48:52 AM »
NEAR-Fest XXXV hours of operation will be announced shortly.


Admission tickets at the gate are $10.00 and valid for both days.  All persons entering the Fairgrounds require an admission ticket or pass.  Young people under 18 or FULL-TIME students are admitted as our guests.  ID and proof of age may be required.  Unlicensed spouses are also admitted at no charge.  Due to the advancing age of many of our attendees the over 80 free admission policy has been rescinded in 2022.

In order to be eligible to win a Door Prize you must purchase an admission ticket.  This includes complimentary, guest, staff and prize passes won at other events.  Anyone may purchase additional admission tickets to increase their chances of winning a door prize.    Be sure to deposit your stub, filled out LEGIBLY, in the prize drawing barrel on the stage at the Relaxation Grove.  Please read our Door Prize policies and procedures: and understand that by depositing your ticket stub in the drum you are confirming that you agree with them.

An advance Vehicle Pass is $10.  All vehicles entering require a Vehicle Pass so if you wish to tailgate or even just park your vehicle inside the Fairgrounds you will need one.  Please display prominently by hanging the pass on your windshield rear-view mirror.

Advance tickets and parking passes are available starting in Marchat Ham Radio Outlet in Salem NH and at Ross Hochstrasser, W1EKG's Clock Workshop and Emporium at 40 Walnut Street, Whitman MA (cash only please).  This means NO CREDIT CARDS.  These folks are doing us a favor and these transactions cannot go through their books. 

Early admission tickets cost $10.00 but this is subject to change at any time without notice so buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Tailgating or Inside Parking: passenger automobiles, vans, pick-em up trucks, etc are $10.00.

There are no additional sellers fees for private individuals wishing to "tailgate" and no limit on selling space (within reason).  Commercial flea market vendors fees will be assessed the commercial outside seller fee of $150.00. If you are not sure if you are a "commercial vendor" you probably are.  If you are selling multiples of the same item you definitely are.  Our Commercial Exhibitions Team's decision as to who is a commercial vendor is final and absolute.

There is plenty of free parking just outside the gate.  Please consider buying an inside parking pass even if you don't plan on selling because it allows you to park inside the 'Fest and helps support NEAR-Fest's future endeavors.

Due to popular demand we are pleased to offer overnight camping and parking facilities at the Fairgrounds Thursday night. Join us for the pre-hamfest festivities.  Thursday night camping is available at $30.00, tent sites are $15.00 and automobile parking is $15.00.  There is NO overnight parking permitted in the Fairgrounds parkiing lot.   Please see this article for full information:

Camping permits are sold by the Deerfield Fair Association.  Regretfully all ticket and pass sales are final and refunds are not available if you cannot attend once you have purchased them.

We offer our long-standing Porter service; if you buy something big and heavy in the flea market one of our volunteer staff members will be glad to transport it and you to your vehicle at no charge as it has been for many years. Inside parking for disabled persons is free of charge and they may use a single person ?mobility device? as well.  NEAR-Fest reserves the right to limit the use of golf carts and ?other power driven mobility devices? due to safety concerns  and potential liability issues.

Regarding pets:  We discourage bringing your animal buddies but often it isn't an option for some folks and we do understand.  The Fair Association has been understanding on this issue but have stipulated that dogs must be on a leash at all times and owners are required to "stoop and scoop" so that any evidence of their presence is removed immediately.  Otherwise they may not be so understanding and we will lose the privilege.

For a summary of all ticket and pass prices please see

Hope to see you there.  Bring plenty of $$$$$$ as there are presently NO ATMs at Deerfield.  In response to a few requests we have looked into getting one but this may or may not be in effect by this October.

Remember, lighten up and have FUN!   That is why we are here.


Mister Mike, W1RC.