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« on: April 23, 2022, 09:48:55 AM »
Many of you will notice that Friday's list of presentations ( is a little different than most previous years, where most presentations are limited to 1 hour, but there are more of them. This opens the ability to present more sessions/subjects but also will require the presenters to be able to deliver their presentations within about a 50 minute window. Unfortunately this limits Q&A time, which is a valuable component of the forums but we're trying to make the best use of available time.

Also important for NEAR-FEST XXXI - these sessions will be on the first floor of the Arts & Crafts, building, the same big white building that the license exams are held in, just on the first floor, not the basement room where the exams are held.

Presenters can present any visual materials from their computers by logging directly onto the ZOOM session and sharing the screen, which will become a video source in our presentation production. Please DO NOT ENABLE or TURN DOWN BOTH MIC or SPEAKER audio on your computer when presenting to ensure we don't have audio problems / feedback. All audio to and from Zoom will be handled by other equipment in the room. If you wish to display slides from your computer to the projector your computer must be equipped with a working HDMI port.

We will have a computer available that you can present from if you choose, and this spring we also have a new/better projector. The computer will have Powerpoint for these presentations.

Mitch, W1SJ - master coordinator for the forums - has put together this information and guidelines for presenters:

Here are some details about the forums that people are asking.

1. The forums will be in the Arts & Crafts Building.
This is opposite the Administration Building. Look for the flag pole.
This is near the main entrance, which we do NOT use for NEAR-Fest.
The VE Session is in back of this building in the basement.

2. Have your presentation in Powerpoint on your own laptop.You should also
have Zoom enabled on your computer. Your computer will access the Zoom
meeting and that is how the attendees, both in person and on-line will see
your slides. Our camera and computer will show you to the on-line audience.
If you have a sound component to your presentation, please let me know so
we can set up for that. Be sure to have your presentation on a memory
stick, just in case.
Murphy is always lurking! If you are not using a computer presentation, you
can ignore this section.

3. Be sure to arrive no later than 10 minutes before your start time so
that we can get you on-line and set up in time for the start. This becomes
really important if you have a lot of show and tell items to put out. We
will probably have you put show & tell items on a separate table and move
that into the front area, when ready

4. Be prepared to end your presentation no later than 10 minutes before the
top of the hour. If attendees want to keep asking questions or engage in a
discussion with you, that's fine, but first grab your computer and walk
them to the side of the room so we can start setting up for the next event.

It's gonna be another great show and THANK YOU for being a part of