Author Topic: Updating the GRE PSR-700 and PSR-800 (Radio Shack PRO-107 and PRO-668)  (Read 935 times)

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The GRE PSR-700 and its digital brother the PSR-800 are possibly the best handheld scanners ever made.  Unfortunately GRE America is no longer in business.  However continues to support these radios and updates the library database every week.
Radio Shack marketed these two scanners as the PRO-107 and the PRO-662.  They are essentially the same as their GRE counterparts.

Information and specifications:

GRE Manuals

Radio Shack manuals

iSCAN software (v1.07)

Latest Library database file (updated weekly) get
You will have to manually copy it to the db folder on the SD card. WS1080/1089

It has the bootleg firmware on it to listen to DMR. It uses the whistler programming tool to program. It is up to date with latest frequencies. If you try to update with the whistler program you will brick it and it will have to be send to whistler. Also if you try to set he clock to computer time in the program tool it will also disable dmr. So know this while buying.