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Ham Jam
« on: September 21, 2023, 09:29:29 PM »
The "Ham Jam" is just a little extra fun to have at Near-Fest.
Happening Friday night! At Near-fest In Deerfield, NH!
Ham Jam is an "Open to all" get together.
Do you play an Instrument or sing?
Or Just come and listen...
If you have a song or two you'd like to do, post it here.
Keep in mind we have all different skill levels. So if possible bring a lyric & chord sheet for your song(s).
Remember the Ham Jam is all about FUN not perfection!
Bill M! Will be bringing his electronic drum kit . We usually have a few drummers and take turns playing. If you're a drummer and would like to play, just ask.
I will be bringing a PA! (For Electronic drums & a Couple few Mics)
Please bring your SMALL Amp for your instruments. No volume battles Please!
For first timers... Thanks to the Mr. Phil & Near-fest Team we have a nice warm building with plenty of seating for Jammers and audience.
So even if you don't play come join us!
Usually, we start around 8:30pm Friday! (8pm Setup Drums & PA)
Any question or comments post here!
Hope to see you all for another great Near-Fest!

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Re: Ham Jam
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2023, 09:38:41 PM »
Awesome! Great poster Rick.
I am in. Let's Rawk.

Possibly off topic - I am finally ready to part with some of my "better" musical stuff. My car space is limited and I don't want to subject some of this gear to unnecessary abuse. If you might be interested in any of the following please let me know by private email at I will be happy to send photos or speak with you by phone. I will need to get pretty close to the asking price so please no really lowball offers on these items. No obligation. I just dont want to drag these around if there is no interest.

-Late 70's Fender Deluxe Reverb. Real deal handwired Fender. Not a PCB reissue. Good "player" condition. Sounds exactly like you would expect.  $1200 firm.

-1965 Ampeg Jet J12. 15W. Original, not reissue. Sounds very cool and has a nice early breaup. EC. $400.

-Early 80's Fender Super 60. US made all tube 60W combo. Immaculate condition. It does the classic loud Fender clean tone very well. $350.

-Early 80's Dean Markley CD-60. 60W all tube combo. Original, not reissue.  Any tone you want is here. VGC, $325.

-Fender Blues Jr. 15W tube combo. I brought this to the last jam. It sounded great when other people played through it! Not too heavy, not too loud. Excellent condition. $350.

-Gibson custom shop ES-139. Black semi-hollowbody single cutaway guitar. Comes with original Gibson gig bag and certificate of authenticity. $1100.

-Fender B-Bender Telecaster. 1995. Very unique American standard Telecaster with a factory installed Parsons-Green B bender. Immaculate condition. $1400.

Possibly more to follow, if I don't get yelled at. See everyone soon!

John AC2XN