Author Topic: Grand and Door Prizes at NEAR-Fest XXXIV  (Read 1218 times)

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Grand and Door Prizes at NEAR-Fest XXXIV
« on: October 06, 2023, 04:16:11 AM »
Here is the list of door prizes that will be given away at NEAR-Fest XXXIV.  Be sure to fill out your ticket stub and PRINT LEGIBLY, then deposit your stub in the prize draw drum on the stage at the Relaxation Grove.
Ross, W1EKG, and paul W1GTX are the prize drawing committee.  They spend most of their time selling their stuff and hanging out in the flea market in the Relaxation Grove. They draw the hourly prizes and award them to the winners. 

Grand Prize:(2) Yaesu FT-891 160-6m 100 Watt mobile HF transciever. Value $599.99.
Two radios will be given away.  One prize draw on Friday at 5:00 PM in the Relaxation Grove.  Winner must be present.  Will draw three times if no winner will be drawn again on Saturday.  Same rules. If no winner prize will not be awarded this time and retained until the next hamfest in Spring 2024.
One draw on Saturday at 2:00 PM; Winner need not be present.

Door Prizes: There are no unwanted prizes at NEAR-Fest!  Winner may choose their prize from the prize pool.  Winner must be present to win.  Sorry, no proxies.  All winners must show ID.

1.  Gift certificate from Holiday Inn Manchester, Brown Avenue location, for two nights stay valid until October 31st 2024
2.  EMTECH  ZM-2  Manual Antenna Tuning Unit - Z-Match -  Tunes 3.5MHz to 30MHz - 15 watts max. QRP. The ZM-2 may be the best antenna tuner you have ever used because of it's simplicity and ease of tuning.  The ZM-2 does not require an external SWR meter.  It has a visual built-in SWR indicator.  Rated at 15 watts maximum.  If you are into QRP you will love this tuner.
3.  ARRL 2023 Radio Amateur Handbook chapters 1-27 courtesy of ARRL.
4.  Anderson Power Pole kit and bag.  Includes a professional grade PowerPole Crimping Tool + 150 Assorted 15 / 30 / 45 Amp Powerpoles In A Custom Nylon Gear Bag.
5.  Morserino CW Code practice device, choice of built or assembled.  This is a multi-functional device, (keyer, trainer, decoder, even a transceiver, etc).  It is ideal for learning and practicing Morse code, useful for everybody from beginner to high speed pro.  The kit is easy to build even for the first-time kit builder. Comes with capacitive touch paddles.
6.  SDR play RSP1A SDR receiver. The RSP1A covers the complete radio spectrum from 1kHz (VLF) to 2GHz (Microwaves) with up to a massive 10MHz visible bandwidth and the companion SDRuno software has all the popular ham bands and shortwave broadcast bands as presets for instant set-up. Courtesy of Ham Radio Outlet, Salem NH.
7.  ARRL  Antenna Book.  The bible. Value $50.00.
8.  ICOM IAB3-DUAL ACC Breakout Box for ICOM.  Supports connection to ICOM ACC1 DIN 13 or DIN 8, the IAB3DUAL makes for easy access to common signals like PTT, ALC, AF, Mod, etc... via 8 X simple 3.5mm jacks. Courtesy of VE2DX  Electronics Inc.
9.  ICOM Accessory IM1-HDMI , ICOM HDMI Interface with CT-17B-Nano Version 2 CI-V Hub with VE2DX TrueTTL/TrueCIV technology for better CI-V managment. it comes with needle displays and 2 bargraph displays, supports 23 different ICOM radios and 4 different communication possibilities (CI-V, Bluetooth, Wifi and USBoIP).  Courtesy of VE2DX  Electronics Inc.