Author Topic: NEAR-Fest II Weather!!  (Read 5525 times)

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NEAR-Fest II Weather!!
« on: October 14, 2007, 07:29:10 AM »
Friday was very well attended considering the weather.  Saturday was a perfect TEN! 

Had you chosen to believed the weather predictions and not to come because of this you really have missed something very special.  NEAR-Fest I and Near-Fest II both had their own distinctive characters.   I am hoping that this trend continues.

I did not receive a single complaint from anyone with whom I spoke either day.  Let's see if any present themselves now.

Rarely should a weather event preclude attendance at an event.  It's only water!

More on the 'Fester later.  I need a couple of days to sleep and enjoy my family and some friends who will be visiting.



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Re: NEAR-Fest III Weather!!
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2007, 12:54:45 PM »
I'm still recovering too, Mike. You don't realize how much you walk/run around at these events and how much stuff you really do until you've back home.

To go a bit further on Mike's comments, we've seen what some consider 'bad' weather for more hamfests through the years than good. Especially here in the northeast in spring and fall, when the climate is in a state of transition between cold to warm and vice versa. The sunny days with comfortable temps are nice and memorable, almost as memorable as the jokes about rain at Deerfield/Deerchester/Rainchester and so on.

We don't go to NEAR-Fest for the weather. If we did, we'd be having it on a beach in July. We go for the people, the 'stuff', the food, the socializing, the atmosphere - the event itself. And we go because we just never know, one way or the other, what will happen, who will be there, what we might find. A sudden rain shower might encourage you to enter a tent or awning where you find a treasure you'd have never seen otherwise. Or you could bump into a long-lost friend who ducks into the same building as you to escape the drops.

At the end of the weekend, we take home with us not only the goodies found on and under tables, but also the memories we'd have missed out on if we stayed home watching TV for fear of rain. For many of us, these hamfests are the only chance we have to catch up with friends from far off places. To me and many others I know, time with friends in such surroundings is what we enjoy the most.

It's NEAR-Fest, and it happens only twice a year. See you all in May - regardless of the weather.