Author Topic: Download the Official NEAR-Fest II Program and Guide to the Hamfest.  (Read 5192 times)

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Years ago when you attended a major hamfest or convention you received a program that outlined the schedule of events and contained other information of interest to those attending.

However times have changed.  Attendance at these events have decreased, costs to conduct them have skyrocketed and somehow the official programs have fallen by the wayside.

This is unfortunate as they serve many purposes, including a wonderful souvenir to keep and to remember.  Being the cheap bunch of clowns we are we don?t want to spend the $$$ to print up several thousand of these.  Fortunately, there is a wonderful resource called Adobe Acrobat which allows us to provide the official NEAR-Fest Program at literally no cost.  Now we can offer you a high-class Program and not have to spend the $$$ to print it.


See you all there bright and early Friday morning.


Mister Mike, W1RC