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Sorry, advance tickets are no longer available by mail.

NEAR-Fest Admission tickets are $10.00.  The price is reduced to $5.00 at 6:00 AM Saturday.  Children under age 12 and anyone under age 18 who presents a valid amateur radio license does not require an admission ticket. 

Vehicular passes: passenger automobiles, vans, pick-em up trucks, etc are $10.00.  RVs, Motorhomes, Campers and Trailers are $20.00.  The $30.00 The $30.00 ?camper hookup" fee that was charged by the Fair Association has been abolished.

Another new feature is overnight camping/parking facilities are available at the Fairgrounds Thursday night.  Join us for the pre-hamfest festivities.  However this area is not located inside the tailgate area so early setup & shopping is not an option. The fee is $20.00 per vehicle and includes hookups.  The camping area opens at 3:00PM.

There are no additional sellers fees for individuals wishing to "tailgate" and no limit on selling space (within reason).  Commercial flea market vendors fees will be assessed $10.00 per space.  If you are not sure if you are a "commercial vendor" you probably are.  Contact our Commercial Exhibitions Manager, John, for more details.

You do not have to buy a vehicular pass if you don't want to tailgate. There is plenty of free parking just outside the gate.  Please consider buying a vehicular pass even if you don't plan on selling because it allows you to park inside the 'Fest and helps support NEAR-Fest's future endeavors.

Address is:
PO Box 511
Hartford VT 05047-0511

Please include a SASE.  It will help us keep costs down.

As a special "thank you" for buying your tickets and vehicular passes early we will have a special prize drawing for advance ticket holders.  Prizes include a one year subscription to CQ Magazine valued at $36.95.

MisterMike, W1RC
and the NEAR-Fest Team.