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Some Timtron Lore
« on: January 30, 2008, 10:11:48 AM »
Thought you guys might want to see this.  It was sent to Steve WB3HUZ's AM WINDOW Web site.

Dear Pack 78 Parents,
One day, when I was a boy, a radio signal came across the KLH music system I had in my room.  I still remember the call sign of the radio: WA1HLR, with a midwestern twang on the "HLR".  I learned from my parents that it was a ham radio sign.
We called the FCC and they gave me the name and address of the operator.  It was just down the street from my house.  We called him up.  He came over to my house, a big, tall, bearded, gentle, young man.  He knew exactly how to fix the wiring on my music system so it would not pick up his ham radio signal.  He then invited me to his radio shack--no not the store, a real shack with antennas and radio gear all over out behind his house.  I listened as he talked with his friends in South Africa and elsewhere.  I could not understand what they were saying due to the static, but I was in awe.  Awe of this man, of his skill, of the technology, everything.
If your son might benefit from meeting people of this man's ilk and being part of this year's Jamoboree-on-the-Air, please let Laura Miller know by Thursday at <>
Tim Spellman
Cubmaster, Pack 78 Framingham
Home (508) 877-5445
Cell (508) 361-7471