Author Topic: Satellite Maps and Image of the Deerfield Fairgrounds  (Read 9301 times)

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Satellite Maps and Image of the Deerfield Fairgrounds
« on: March 20, 2007, 08:35:38 AM »
You'll need the Flash player to see this. You can also switch to different satellite imaging sites.  Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and go up.  This is my favorite aerial image of the Deerfield Fairgrounds.  Cool!

These satellite maps are .jpg files and can be saved and printed if you wish.

The first satellite map is from Manchester east along highway 101.

The second is from Exit 2 to Candia NH.

The third map is from Candia to the NEAR-Fest.

The fourth map shows a satellite image of the Deerfield fairgrounds showing the area where the NEAR-Fest will take place and the gates that will be used at 0900 to enter the grounds.

Here is another mapping site of the area.  Just enter in your starting point.