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Broadcast Program Information 95.1FM
« on: February 19, 2008, 02:52:34 PM »
Hello all.  I thought it would be helpful to publish a program guide for our entertainment and information as will be carried on 95.1 on your FM dial while attending Near Fest III. 

This time, we have arranged a little something extra special and we have broadened our programming choices to include additional and extended content.  For the early Thursday night camping arrivals, we will be on the air for you starting at 4PM on May 1st, Thursday afternoon and will entertain you with various selections.  We'll also be carrying important information to help the NearFest Management better coordinate items of public interest so keep your dial on us for the very latest information.

For programming info, please visit our guide on our website:

Please bookmark this URL as this will be the standard guide URL for all future fests and as programming info could change.  You might find it helpful to print a copy before you depart for the fest.  If you are arriving Friday morning you might find it helpful to tune us in while you wait in line for the gates to open.  We'll pass along any important info directly from Management to your radio while you are waiting for the gates to open.  When the Management opens the gates Friday Morning, we'll air a NEW Traditional Opening song: Roger Waters - Radio Waves (Album Version).  When you hear this tune Friday morning, NearFest III will be open for business.

We would be open to suggestions for any changes to the program so please comment if you like.

As a bonus, we are introducing our BRAND NEW Classic Vinyl Cuts show this Spring which will feature some excellent classic rock selections as well as very rare B side/Live cuts!  You DON'T want to miss this!  Your Turn-tablists will be Adam and Jim for the very best this new show has to offer!
Remember to put your rumble filters on - this will be REAL VINYL!!!  :-)