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NEAR-Fest III Events Schedule
« on: April 11, 2008, 11:27:29 AM »
                 NEAR-Fest III Events Schedule

                         Friday - Saturday, May 2nd-3rd, 2008

               ShowStage/Entertainment Building

               Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield NH


5:00 PM: The R-390A Receiver Workshop with George Rancourt, K1ANX

One of the best known and most recognized receivers of all times, the Collins-designed R-390A is prolific in its numbers and remains highly respected today by radio amateurs, military collectors, and shortwave listeners alike. Quality of design, material, and manufacture are excellent; performance and flexibility are top notch. No wonder it retains such a strong following throughout the world to this day.

George presents his next installment in the R-390A workshop. Topics to include:

 - Paints: Explanations of different shades, colors used by different services, etc.

 - Power Supply Capacitors: Repair, replacement, upgrades and more

 - Equalizing the Mechanical Filters and Proper Adjustment of the I.F. Gain

 - PTO Repair and Adjustment: How to repair/maintain your PTO into the 21st Century


11:00 AM: The History of Telegraph Keys from Before the Civil War to the Present with Prof. Tom Perera, Ph.D, W1TP

Before his association with the German Enigma Machine, Covert/'Spy' Radios, and other areas or expertise, many of us knew Tom as 'the key guy' from his regular visits to hamfests and conventions through the east, Dayton, and elsewhere. His large display of keys and other interesting gadgets, often complete with telegraph sounder clacking away, is a mainstay of these events.

A brief overview of his presentation:

During the 19th. century, telegraph keys evolved from a simple flat design into magnificent and elaborate works of art. Then Jesse Bunnell invented the steel-lever 'Triumph Key' and virtually all key designs followed his example. The designs of semi-sutomatic keys or 'bugs' and spark transmitter keys developed and evolved in similar ways.

This talk will follow the evolution of each of these types of keys and provide enough information to allow you to identify most keys that you may find at hamfests.

Those who attended last October's presentations know that you want to be there early to get a good seat. In the interest of courtesy to our speakers as well as the attendees, doors will close no later than 5 minutes after the hour to allow the programs to go on uninterrupted. Please arrive 5 minutes before the hour to insure your seat. No one will be admitted once the doors have closed.

Feel Free to print out this schedule to reference at NEAR-Fest