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NEAR-Fest III Prize List
« on: January 30, 2008, 01:25:35 PM »
The prizes have started to roll in and I will be listing them as they arrive.

Grand Prize:   We are pleased to offer an ICOM IC-718 HF Transceiver as our Grand Prize again at NEAR-Fest III  with thanks to Alex of Lentini Communications who helped us get a great deal on it. This is truly an outstanding HF rig ideal for newcomers and old-timers alike.  You do not need to be present to win.  However please be sure to clearly write your name, call, telephone number or e-mail address so we can contact you.  Last Fall the grand prize winner failed to do this and we could not contact him so we had to draw again.  This is how a winner becomes a loser!

Door Prizes: You need to be present to win.

"Major" Prizes: Drawn at the Closing Ceremony, Saturday 2:00 - 3:00 PM in the Relaxation Grove.

West Mountain Radio has generously provided NEAR-Fest with several very nice prizes including a RIGBLASTER PLUS, (value $150.00), along with three other great hourly prizes listed below.   Ned, John and the gang at WEST MOUNTAIN RADIO have been enthusiastic NEAR-Fest supporter from the very beginning.  We hope that you will visit them in the Commercial Building and thank them by buying one (or more) of their fine radio products or just to say "hi".

For those of you with sharp eyes and good memories, the "Buddistick" antenna system that was listed here will not arrive in time so it will be offered as a prize at NEAR-Fest IV in October.

"Hourly" Prizes:  Drawn Hourly.  You need to be present to win.  Winners may select the prize of their choice from the available items in the Hourly Prize Pool.

One Year subscription to CQ MAGAZINE courtesy of CQ Managing Editor, Gail Schieber, K2RED (value: $36.95).

WEST MOUNTAIN RADIO: RIGRUNNER model 4005 (value: $65.00), a RIGtalk USB controller (value: $55.00) and a PWRCrimp tool (value: $50.00) for 15, 30 and 45 Amp Anderson PowerPole connectors. 

Our friend, Evelyn Garrison at Alinco has donated a $50.00 gift certificate towards the purchase of any Alinco radio.

Tom Perera, W1TP has donated his THE STORY OF THE ENIGMA CD - fascinating and very well researched as I would expect from a University Professor.

You get an 'A' on this one, Tom!

In addition to the above. Tom has provided us with his newest CD-ROM, FOREIGN MILITARY RADIOS.  Another interesting work indeed.  Please visit Tom's outstanding Web site for an interesting tour.  WARNING: Please allow several hours for the "quick" tour!

Byron Johnson has offered us a certificate that will allow the winner to choose any Larsen mobile antenna he carries.

Here's the list of donated door prizes:

Enigma Telegraph book and DVD's from Tom Perera W1TP

4 ARRL Repeater Directories from HRO

Gift Certificate for 1 Imprinted Hat from Lake Region Awards

$25 Gift Certificate from Battery Tech

M & M Green Kids Radio

Rig Mounting Bracket

Cell Phone headset all 3 from Batteries and

Opek V/U NMO Magnet Mount antenna from Sauder Electronics

1000 ft. spool of nylon rope from Fisher Cable

5 Fiberglass Mast Sections from W3ARS Poles & Things

ARRL Emergency Communications Handbook from Scott McGrath N1JIN

Pkg. of 25-30 Amp Powerpole connectors from Quicksilver Radio

Workman 2M 1/4 wave Magnet Mount Antenna from Radio Oasis

5-End Insulators

1-W2AU Center Insulator

1-4/1 Balun

1-1/1 Voltage Balun

1-W2DU Current Balun all from Unadilla

2-$20 pkgs. of E-Tape from Eventors

2 parts grab bags from Dave Schneider

ARE-10 External Speaker w/ 2-4 digit DTMF Decoder

several Popular Communications Magazines all from KJI Electronics

Inrush Limiter from Bob Zimmer W1ZIM

Special Prizes:

For attendees of the R-390A Forum only:

The R-390A VIDEO by Floyd Soo, W8RO, President Hi-RES Communications,  (value $110.00 and worth every penny).

More will follow.